Moore & Giles Sundance Deck

We Offer Two Methods for Applying Your Logo to Our Items. The Advantages of Each are Laid Out Below.

Based on your timeframe, the complexity of the image, and your desired look, we are happy to help you decide which approach is best suited to your particular project.

B L I N D D E B O S S I N G Pictured Above

Blind Debossing uses a heated plate, engraved with your design or logo, to produce a brand recessed into the leather. The relief of the resulting mark suggests a slightly three-dimensionsal look.

L A S E R - E T C H I N G Pictured Below

Laser-Etching is a quick and effective way to create a marked image. Laser-etching is better to capture the intricacies of a detailed logo. A slightly more involved process, laser-etching has a longer set-up and production time than embossing.

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