Math Celebrity February 2018

positivity February 2018 When someone asks why they should learn math, you don’t have to look far to provide an answer. Google’s search engine? Made up of automated equations. Amazon’s upsell? All algorithms. Welcome to the world of math. I thought, “If a team from India can understand this in 10 minutes, why can’t you do the same thing for tutoring?” I was tutoring math after work, but my client list was growing faster than my free time. I didn’t have room to schedule any more students. Obviously, many more people needed help. I began working to find a way to assist them. Don’ s Answer – Don Sevcik If you’re looking for an answer to the question, “Why should I learn math?” don’t look far. We have answers for you. Until next month, It started with a simple calculator. I was still learning web development, and once I got the calculator to work, I shared it with others. I got positive feedback; people wanted to see more. So I dove in. I grabbed books, and I started building more calculators. Math Celebrity was born. I’ve always been drawn to math, though I wasn’t by any means a mathematical genius. I even struggled with it as a kid. I was okay until it got to anything theoretical. Once I was able to put a system behind it, though, and see how you could use that to solve a problem, it helped me understand the theory. That’s the approach we’ve taken with Math Celebrity. You’re not just going to learn how to solve a problem— you’ll learn the thinking and the theory behind it, too. Part of Math Celebrity is helping kids overcome the huge hurdle of getting past the first steps in solving a problem. Do you remember facing that hurdle in school? You’re given a series of numbers and symbols and don’t know where to begin, even after the teacher or a book has explained it to you. If I can alleviate that hurdle for even one student, all the hours I’ve put into Math Celebrity have been worth it. When I’m not building calculators and trying to solve the next problem, I’m with my family. My daughter keeps me going, especially during long days. She and my wife are my motivation. We love to get outside and hike together, enjoying the natural beauty around us.

What you find on Math Celebrity today is the result of several years of working behind the scenes on mathematical patterns — all so you can enter a math problem and have an answer. But you don’t just get an answer; you also get an explanation of how it came to be. As a programmer, my job is all about automating systems. One of my projects focused on making pension plans easier to understand. I needed to get to the core of a pension plan to make it translatable to a team in India. Pension plans involve a lot of math, so I used an equation that allowed a person to change the numbers and see the resulting pension, making it possible for anyone to see the process step by step. The team in India was excited, and they could easily follow the process. They asked if I could do more of this for other processes.


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