Buying a Home Guide from Amit Alfandari


Median Rent Values Rising Rapidly

in the United States




January 2012 - Today












Zillow Rent Index

Renting, however, isn’t the only answer to meeting housing needs. According to the Freddie Mac Forecast, “We expect mortgage rates to remain low, averaging 3.8% in 2020.” That’s great news if you want to make a jump into homeownership. You can put the money you’re spending in rent toward your own equity, strategically investing in your financial future while it’s less expensive to borrow money for your mortgage. Why not lock down your monthly housing expense and at the same time build additional net worth for you and your family? If you’re thinking about buying a home, consider the financial benefits of what homeownership can do for you, especially while the market conditions are in your favor. Bottom Line With average rents rising, now may be a great time to stabilize your monthly payment by becoming a homeowner and locking into a low mortgage rate.


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