Game On - Spring 2024

2 GAME ON | SPRING 2024 of a Gilbert team that is the odds on favorite to win a sec- ond straight Class 3A state championship later this spring. Of course, Eden has her own hardware to chase. She’s in her Vokey wedges all boast wear marks right in the center of the face. They may be the most lethal clubs in her bag. Her putting isn’t bad either, al- though that’s the one club she’s had a long-standing love-hate relationship with. More on that later. This is Eden Lohrbach. This is arguably the best girls golfer in the state. And she is the leader J ust watch her once. It only takes a few holes to under- stand, and a full round to truly appreciate. Her Titleist driver is borderline unfair because of the way she can stripe it right down the mid- dle of the fairway each and every time she lets the big dog eat. Her soft as butter Srixon irons that she goes pin hunting with are equally effective, and

“I put too much pressure on myself,” Eden said. “I feel like I know what I should be capable of and still think there are a lot of things I need to prove to my- self. But that’s what I’m working on, making sure that pressure doesn’t get to my playing. “Perfection is not possible. If I try to be perfect with what I’m doing, I’m going to end up up- setting myself internally.” Eden knows golf is a mental game. Having the physical tools and the determination to work hard when no one is watching are important pieces for sure, but the mental grit could be more important than all other components. To be locked in mentally is the goal each time she steps up to the ball. She’s not thinking about her score or the next hole or anything other than that sin- gular shot. Is that hard to believe? Here’s a story.

pursuit of a third individual state crown before she exits the stage for good to a standing ovation and heads to the Uni- versity of Nebraska in the fall to continue her education and gol- fing career. Is she ready? She shrugs at the question without giving away much else. She knows how hard she has worked and will continue to work. She knows her game better than anyone. So while she might not say it, you better believe she’s ready. ••••• On the course, Eden is a brick

wall. Outwardly, her expression never changes. She’s stoic, quiet, and business-like as she dissects the course. To see her game, with the way she can shape the ball or spin it back to- ward the cup, you’d think she had the confidence of a Tiger or Jordan. You’d think wrong. Eden has her moments of self-doubt just like any other athlete. She might not show it, but inwardly she admits she has a habit of beating herself up mentally too much. And that’s what she’s spent a lot of time working on.

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