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In May, Andrea and I went on a trip purely for a vacation. Typically, we head out of town when I have a business meeting, and, while we are great about making time for fun on these trips, nothing compares to a real vacation. For our most recent vacation, we headed to our timeshare near Colonial Williamsburg for a week of history, exploration, and relaxation. This was only the second time in 10 years that we had stayed in Williamsburg, but it was our first time exploring Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding historical sites. As you walk through the old village of Colonial Williamsburg — and it’s a lot of walking — you are thrust back into yesteryear everywhere you turn. Each staff member is dressed in colonial garb and teaches the visitors about the various jobs and tasks of that era. It was astonishing to see the different trades in action. We also visited Monticello, the house and plantation of former president Thomas Jefferson. This grandiose house was very interesting, and I was especially intrigued by the fact that Jefferson actually designed the home and its many ingenious features himself, making it a truly unique home that was way ahead of its time. Our visits to Colonial Williamsburg and Monticello were both worth the trip, and each one really makes you think about the skills it would take to live in colonial times. I like to think of myself as fairly handy, but living like that would be very difficult. Thankfully, innovation has paved the way for a more leisurely life these days. Evidence of this can be found in a couple of other stops on our trip, when we visited a local winery and a distillery (on two separate afternoons, mind you). We’re not wine or whiskey snobs by any means, but Andrea and I enjoy an occasional glass. The selections we sampled tasted great, and we were impressed by all of the care and innovation that goes into making them! If anything, it was a great way for us to spend a couple of afternoons in a beautiful region of the country. This trip was the perfect way to kick-start our summer, which can often get pretty busy. Service calls keep our Aire Serv team busy, so we have to be strategic about finding time for a few summertime activities. SUMMERTIME FUN Creating Memories and Enjoying Seasonal Favorites

For the Fourth of July, our family usually fires up the grill and enjoys a quiet evening at home. In the past we have attended local fireworks displays, but we typically like to simply spend the day outside grilling and enjoying each other’s company. If we find ourselves with a free day here and there, we make our way to Lake Taghkanic to spend a day on the beach, or we hop on the motorcycle and hit the open road. Regardless of how we choose to spend our summer days or our next road trip, I’m just thankful to have someone like Andrea to share these memories with. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July! "Regardless of how we choose to spend our summer days or our next road trip, I’m just thankful to have someone like Andrea to share these memories with."

–Jim Serra

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