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An Attitude of Gratitude I love Thanksgiving. Any chance to gather with loved ones and enjoy a great feast is welcome, but there’s something special about this particular Lanier and Nick Rowley, both of whom are excellent trial lawyers and have won some high-profile cases including a $4.7 billion Talc



Thursday. Beyond the turkey and festivities, it’s a time to look back on the year and really appreciate all the good that’s come from it. While I may be writing this a little ahead of time, I think it’s safe to say I know what I’ll be thankful for this year. Personally and professionally, it’s been a whirlwind year for Tom and me. Having growing kids and a growing firm certainly keeps you on your toes! While it’s certainly been stressful at times, we’ve learned so much from these hurdles. Now, with 2019 coming to a close, I have a chance to take a step back and appreciate just how far we’ve come. On the professional side, we’ve had a landmark year for the firm. We got a record-best jury verdict for our firm in a tough venue and were able to obtain our biggest settlement to date, not to mention several other wonderful recoveries for clients throughout the year. It’s always a great feeling to help people out of some truly difficult situations through our work — and when the results exceed expectations, you know you’ve made a real difference. When we weren’t fighting directly for our clients this year, we were improving our skills as attorneys and attending some great conferences. Tom attended conferences by Mark

verdict again Johnson & Johnson last year. As for me, I was able to attend a summit in Aspen for women lawyers who do mass tort work. This was not only the best time to go to Colorado and see the leaves change but also a fabulous opportunity to network with some truly inspiring peers. "Just likewe do in court, my husband andI willtackle the dinneras a team." On the homefront, things have really been in motion. We moved this spring to be closer to our office and the kids’ school — and, boy, was that a hurdle. Thankfully, Tom, Heidi, Ian, Toonces the cat, and I all made the transition into our new home with minimal hiccups! We love our new neighborhood, and the reduced commute means we can enjoy more time with our family without having to cut back on the important work we do. So many positive things have happened this year that we are grateful for. One of our old neighbors who lived down the street from us was big on teaching their children to always live with a ‘Gratitude Attitude’. While it’s easy to get caught up in all the little things that can go wrong or are tough throughout your day, it is so important to remember all the positive things we

have to be grateful for. Now that Heidi and Ian are maturing, I’m glad I have these neighbors’ example of how to teach them to really appreciate what they have. Which brings me back to Thanksgiving. We’re breaking in the new home in earnest by hosting this year. Both Tom’s and my parents should be coming, so the kids will get to spend time with all their grandparents! Unfortunately, it’s not looking like my brother can make it, and he’s the best cook in the family. But, just like we do in court, my husband and I will tackle the dinner as a team. He’ll cook the turkey, and I’ll make the mashed potatoes just the way my Aunt Sherry taught me. (The secret is to heat the milk first so the potatoes are nice and smooth!) So, while we may be celebrating Thanksgiving in a new home this year, my focus will be on all the things that brought us here. From colleagues to caring neighbors, we’ve had plenty of great mentors along the way. And, of course, we’ve had your support as readers.







From our family to yours, have a very happy Thanksgiving. –Chelsea Dickerson




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