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CELEBRATING MOTHER’S DAY On the Topic of Motherhood with Joanna and Bernice The Happy Tooth

Toward the end of last year, our scheduling coordinator, Joanna, and one of our dental hygienists, Bernice, both welcomed new babies into the world. It was a very exciting time for them, and for our office, as we made sure they were able to take the time off they needed to recover and bond with their new babies. Joanna and Bernice have both been back at the office for some time now. To celebrate Mother’s Day, I wanted to give them the opportunity to talk a bit about their children and share some stories of motherhood. Leah and Luca

Being a new mom is a beautiful phase in my life that I never saw myself going through. Mila is my first child. For years, I always said I didn’t want kids and I didn’t even want to get married. Then I met my husband, and all of that changed. Now I have Mila, and I can’t believe she’s mine. It has been a roller coaster of an experience since Mila was born. She was a premie, born at 32 weeks. It was a very scary moment, and I was really worried about her for a little bit. But I knew she was in good hands. Since then, she’s been perfectly healthy. She already sleeps through the night, and she’s the happiest, smiliest, laughing baby I’ve ever met. When I think about how this little person wants me when she’s sad or needs to cuddle, my heart explodes with love. I thank God every morning that He gave me the opportunity to be Mila’s mom. I am truly blessed.

Last November, I gave birth to my second child, Luca. My oldest, my daughter Leah, is already 3 years old. I’ve loved being a mom to Leah, though, to be honest, when I was pregnant with Luca, I was a little scared. I was excited for my little boy to come along, but I worried I wouldn’t have enough time for both of my children or that Leah would feel resentful about the new baby. But as soon as he was born, everything went away. Leah loves her baby brother so much. She wants to carry him around all the time, and I have to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t grab him on her own! I can tell she’s going to be a good sister. Like with everything else when it comes to parenting, figuring it all out is a process. Having two kids is a whole new challenge, but when they’re both here, and I can see how much they love each other, it all feels right.


I am so proud to work with two such amazing women and mothers. These women are key personnel on our team, and I’m happy to see them thriving in this phase of their lives. I’m also excited about our new associate, Dr. Zhang, who is pregnant and due this August.

To Joanna, Bernice, Dr. Zhang, and all the wonderful moms out there, I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

Welcoming Mila


–Dr. Justene Doan

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