Makarelle Spring 2022: 'Landmarks'

Successio Eirian by Beck Collett

What’s happened? Gina Barks said what? Cheeky cow! She’ll have spots soon too, you mark my words. Then you can call her crater face. Look at old Selene up there, shining down on us. She’s pocked with all kinds of scars from stupid men and asteroids and what- not, still the most beautiful wonder in the skies, isn’t she? Take no heed of a bitchy girl – don’t tell Mam I said the B word – you’re still beautiful, Eirian. Now, did I ever tell you about the Luna 15 mystery? Well, legend has it that Luna 15 didn’t “crash” at all, but faked it to trick Buzz and his Yankee gang. No, hear me out. The craft landed in the Sea of Crises – crises, meaning lots of blimming kerfuffle, what are the odds? It’s just too perfect to be coincidence. The Soviets were meant to land in the Sea of Tranquillity, where everyone lands. It’s the only bit every bugger knows of the moon, isn’t it, that and the big dipper? Kids learn them and think they’re Patrick Moore – God rest his soul. Irrelevant, point is that they were racing the Americans, no blim- ming way they would screw up so badly as to “crash” into a mountain thirty miles off where they were supposed to be. No chance. That’s the official story, anyway. But there’s more to Luna 15, girl, much more than is generally known. Oh, I hear Mam calling. I’ll tell you

more tomorrow. No, don’t make that face at me, you know the rules. Look for the tranquil sea, that’s your job tonight. You don’t need my binoculars for that. Find her, alright? How was school? Good. Now, did you find the tranquil sea last night? Right then, on we go with the story. Now, the moon is full of our junk, one of those undeniable facts no-one wants to take responsibility for, but it’s true. All those marks on the old girl’s face – most of them are blows from us. Disgraceful way to treat a lady, don’t you be taking no nonsense like that from boys – they try anything like that, you tell me and I’ll sort them. But old Se- lene, up there, she wears her history for all to see. Now, I’m not saying that all of it’s worth a second look, though of course we should pick up litter, but what if I told you one of those celestial rubbish dumps weren’t rubbish at all, but treasure? What do you think of that, eh? Bet they never taught you anything that exciting in school! All true, too, apparently. Right, back to the tranquil sea. All the Yankee crafts they sent up, dotted all over. They were exploring, trying to map and take samples of different bits of Selene’s surface, but the Sovi- ets… Luna 15 goes and ‘crashes’ in 1969. The following year, they send up another vessel to nearly the same place, supposedly to get “soil


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Landmarks Spring 2022

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