Makarelle Spring 2022: 'Landmarks'

03 Welcome by Editor Ruth Loten

06 Editorial by Dini Armstrong

08 Meet the Author: Sarah Banham

09 Flash Fiction Competition Winner: Welcome by Gwynne Weir

10 Flash Fiction: Beside Myself with Glee by Beck Collett

11 Flash Fiction: The Old v The New by Tess P

11 Flash Fiction: A Stitch in Time by Tracy Brown

11 Flash Fiction: A Landmark In Their Relationship by Stuart Cavet

11 Flash Fiction: Tracks by Kristen Chapman

11 Flash Fiction: Never Forget Home by Adedayo Banwo

12 Feature Visual Art: Untitled by Lelia Tanti

13 Feature Poetry: and stars and stars and stars by Carl Alexandersson

14 Feature Short Story Fiction: Prisoner 5-2 by Ron Hardwick

18 Feature Creative Nonfiction: Tracking Hemingway by Zelda Roberts

22 A Passing Fancy by R.E. Loten

24 I Just Had The Strangest Night by Toby Goodwin

27 Or is this a different world by P Douglas Hammond

30 Pilgrim Track To Mont St Michel by Frank McMahon

31 The Devil’s Chair by Jane Langan

33 Nunraw Dovecote by Sasha Saben Callaghan

34 Black Dog On Galley Hill by Andrew Kingston

35 The Copse by Sue Davnall

37 Successio Eirian by Beck Collett

40 Landmarked by Sharon Henderson


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Landmarks Spring 2022

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