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&/#3&'r#3*&'4 CHARGE DÉPRÉCIÉE Une femme de Rockland âgée d’une vingtaine d’années a été accusée de conduite avec facultés affaiblies après un contrôle routier dans la ville la semaine dernière. La police a arrêté un véhicule sur la route secondaire des Outaouais à Rockland vers 2 h 30 le samedi 17 avril. Cara Saucier, 22 ans, a été accusée de conduite avec facultés affaiblies - taux d’alcoolémie (80+) et de conduite avec facultés affaiblies (alcool et drogues). Elle doit comparaître devant le tribunal le 5 mai. Les accusations

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The number of active COVID-19 cases in eastern Ontario dropped by more than 50 over the weekend, but hospital- ization and ICU figures remain steady. More than two weeks into a province-wide TUBZBUIPNFPSEFS OVNCFSTJOUIF&BTUFSO 0OUBSJP)FBMUI6OJU &0)6 IBWFTUBSUFEUP decline. Fifty-two new cases were reported in the region over the weekend, but there were 58 fewer active cases on Monday compared to Friday. 8IJMFUIFBDUJWFDBTFDPVOUESPQQFEPWFS the weekend, hospitalizations rose from 29 on Friday to 34 on Monday. Six people remained in intensive care due to COVID-19. The weekend also marked the hundredth EFBUISFMBUFEUPUIFWJSVTJOUIF&0)6 POF of two new fatalities confirmed on Monday. Seven deaths have been reported so far in April: two in Prescott-Russell, and five in Cornwall. &0)6.FEJDBM0GàDFSPG)FBMUI%S1BVM Roumeliotis said there was a seven to 10 day lag between a drop in general popula- tion COVID-19 cases, and a similar fall in hospitalizations. He said the numbers in hospital were lower than a week ago. “I think this is a manifestation of what we saw with the stay-at-home orders and some of the other restrictions put forward,” he said. “It’s going in the right direction, and let’s hope that we continue with that. 8FSFTUJMM JO UIJT MPDLEPXOVOUJM.BZ  so hopefully we will come out of this in a much lower range.” Outbreaks Three of the seven outbreaks recorded BDSPTTUIF&0)6PO.POEBZXFSFJO Prescott-Russell. Cases were reported at UIF$BSFTTBOU$BSF/VSTJOH)PNFBOE Residence Cartier, both in Bourget, and Residence St-Mathieu in Hammond. Most

n’ont pas été prouvées. WOODS STREET TRAFFIC

Clarence-Rockland councillors Mario Zanth and Samuel Cardarelli want city staff to review the traffic speed situation on Woods Street. The two councilors presented a notice of motion during the April 19 committee of the whole session asking for support of their request from other council members. The request will come up for review and vote during the next regular council session. – Gregg Chamberlain RADARS DE VITESSE Le conseil de la municipalité de La Nation a approuvé le soutien d’une résolution du canton de South Glengarry demandant au gouvernement provincial de permettre à toutes les municipalités de l’Ontario d’utiliser des radars photo dans le cadre de leurs programmes locaux de contrôle de la circulation, si elles le souhaitent. – Gregg Chamberlain FIRE SAFETY MONEY Alfred-Plantagenet Township will get a $6900 grant from the Ontario Fire Marshall for its fire department. The money will go towards the cost of training courses and resources for the township’s volunteer firefighters. – Gregg Chamberlain

Le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario a enregistré une baisse du nombre de cas au cours du week-end, mais le nombre d’hospitalisations et d’unités de soins intensifs est resté relativement stable. — photo d’archives

of the outbreaks were limited to staff cases. The region 0GUIFBDUJWFDBTFTJOUIF&0)6BSFB on Monday, 155 were in Prescott-Russell com- munities, including 62 in Clarence-Rockland,

22 in Alfred-Plantagenet, 19 in Russell, 15 in Casselman, 13 in Hawkesbury, 13 in 5IF/BUJPO JO$IBNQMBJO BOEJO&BTU Hawkesbury. Une version française est disponible sur


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