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January 2020

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It’s that time of the year again! If you’re not from Pennsylvania, you may think I’m talking about the start of another year. And while it is a new decade, that’s not quite the monumental moment of the year I’m talking about.

event. It connects thousands of farms, agricultural experts, researchers, and interested city slickers for thousands of animal competitions and exhibitions. Needless to say, this show is a big hit among young families like mine. My kids are 3 and 1, and as they learn more about their animals and the world around them, the farm show becomes more popular in our home. Two years ago, we took Liam to his first farm show, and at 1 year old, there’s little he remembers about the event. But now that he’s almost 4, he’s started to remember pieces of the previous years — including his nemeses, the llamas. Typically, we stroll through the stalls to see all the animals on display, just like you would do at the country fair. One time, we were walking past the llamas, when one decided it was the perfect time to drop to the floor and flail about. Liam, impressionable to loud noises and sudden movements like many young kids, was terrified of this action. Ever since then, llamas — relatively docile and unassuming mammals —make him nervous. Regardless of any animal fears, Liam has a blast every year, and we’re excited for our daughter, Paige, to begin making memories, too. Of course, we all have to visit our favorite food booths. (There’s no better meal of the year than the one found at the farm show!) Liam looks forward to a big chocolate milkshake, while we have to find the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association’s booth so my wife can have her waffles, ice cream, and a milkshake. Once she has this meal, she’s set for another year! At Gilbert Physical Therapy, we have our own tradition with the farm show. Ever since I’ve been here, we’ve made the pilgrimage to the farm show for lunch on the first Friday of the show. We all pack up the office and congregate at the show together,


No, I’m talking about the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show!

When I first moved to the region more than a decade ago, I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I understood why our agricultural community was excited about the exhibition, but I saw generations of people from all backgrounds getting equally as excited about this seemingly run-of-the- mill farming exhibition.

Boy, did I underestimate it.

stepping out of our normal routine. It’s always nice to see and interact with our team outside of the office. We relax a bit more than we would in the office, and we all indulge in our favorite treats together. As we celebrate another successful year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, it warms my heart to see this tradition and the connections it fosters continue. I enjoy running into current and past patients at this event, too. We love hearing how you are doing! If anything, it’s just one small example out of thousands that prove how powerful this show is to community connection. The show is a celebration of the rural landscape that makes up so much of Pennsylvania and our livelihoods, and I’m honored to have this celebration so close to home.

For the handful of you who don’t know, the Pennsylvania Farm Show is renowned across the state and throughout the nation. Celebrating its 104th anniversary in 2020, the show holds the honor of being the nation’s largest indoor agricultural


Here’s to another great year, and see you next year!

–Dr. John Milliron 1

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