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It’s that time of the year again! If you’re not from Pennsylvania, you may think I’m talking about the start of another year. And while it is a new decade, that’s not quite the monumental moment of the year I’m talking about.

event. It connects thousands of farms, agricultural experts, researchers, and interested city slickers for thousands of animal competitions and exhibitions. Needless to say, this show is a big hit among young families like mine. My kids are 3 and 1, and as they learn more about their animals and the world around them, the farm show becomes more popular in our home. Two years ago, we took Liam to his first farm show, and at 1 year old, there’s little he remembers about the event. But now that he’s almost 4, he’s started to remember pieces of the previous years — including his nemeses, the llamas. Typically, we stroll through the stalls to see all the animals on display, just like you would do at the country fair. One time, we were walking past the llamas, when one decided it was the perfect time to drop to the floor and flail about. Liam, impressionable to loud noises and sudden movements like many young kids, was terrified of this action. Ever since then, llamas — relatively docile and unassuming mammals —make him nervous. Regardless of any animal fears, Liam has a blast every year, and we’re excited for our daughter, Paige, to begin making memories, too. Of course, we all have to visit our favorite food booths. (There’s no better meal of the year than the one found at the farm show!) Liam looks forward to a big chocolate milkshake, while we have to find the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association’s booth so my wife can have her waffles, ice cream, and a milkshake. Once she has this meal, she’s set for another year! At Gilbert Physical Therapy, we have our own tradition with the farm show. Ever since I’ve been here, we’ve made the pilgrimage to the farm show for lunch on the first Friday of the show. We all pack up the office and congregate at the show together,


No, I’m talking about the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show!

When I first moved to the region more than a decade ago, I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I understood why our agricultural community was excited about the exhibition, but I saw generations of people from all backgrounds getting equally as excited about this seemingly run-of-the- mill farming exhibition.

Boy, did I underestimate it.

stepping out of our normal routine. It’s always nice to see and interact with our team outside of the office. We relax a bit more than we would in the office, and we all indulge in our favorite treats together. As we celebrate another successful year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, it warms my heart to see this tradition and the connections it fosters continue. I enjoy running into current and past patients at this event, too. We love hearing how you are doing! If anything, it’s just one small example out of thousands that prove how powerful this show is to community connection. The show is a celebration of the rural landscape that makes up so much of Pennsylvania and our livelihoods, and I’m honored to have this celebration so close to home.

For the handful of you who don’t know, the Pennsylvania Farm Show is renowned across the state and throughout the nation. Celebrating its 104th anniversary in 2020, the show holds the honor of being the nation’s largest indoor agricultural


Here’s to another great year, and see you next year!

–Dr. John Milliron 1

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Help Your Kids Achieve More This Year

With Simple and Actionable Goals W ith every new year comes an opportunity to reinvent ourselves or start down a new path toward

Statements like “I want to be more kind” or “I will try to help more around the house” incorporate good values but don’t include any actionable steps. Help your kids think of tangible ways to act on those goals. For example, if they want to be tidier, a good resolution might be for them to clean their room once a week or take responsibility for one household chore every day. Don’t do all the work for them. While it’s important for you to help your kids formulate their goals, be sure that you aren’t taking over. If they’re ultimately responsible for their resolutions, they’ll feel more compelled to keep them. Instead, suggest different goal areas they could improve, such as home, school, or sports, and let them elaborate. When it comes to creating habits, nobody is perfect, so even if your kids falter on their goals in the middle of February, don’t worry. The important thing is that you continue to encourage them every step of the way.

self-improvement. Making resolutions is a big part of many families’ New Year’s traditions, and parents often have a desire for their kids to take part in that tradition when they’re old enough. Following through on resolutions is tough, especially for young children, but with your help, they can achieve their goals. Practice what you preach. You are your children’s role model for almost everything, including following through on New Year’s resolutions. So, ask yourself if you follow through on your own resolutions. When you proclaim that you will read more books or finally get a gym membership, do you actually try to do it? Your kids will assign as much importance to New Year’s resolutions as you do, so by sticking to your own commitments, you can help them stay on track, too. Keep things simple and achievable. When your kids are forming their resolutions, their first attempts will probably be very broad.

Why We Love PT

Ready to Run! “Before PT, I had neck and back pain which kept me from doing the activities I loved. Gilbert put 110% into getting me back to full health and they succeeded! I was able to run a 10K and start lifting again. Thank you all for your hard work, patience, and dedication!” –Taylor S.

WE APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK! Follow these easy steps to review our clinic online:

1. Point your smartphone camera at the QR code to the left. 2. Tap the notification to go to our website review page. 3. Follow the directions on the web page to rate and review our clinic. THANK YOU!

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It’ s Slippery Season! ’ s How to Prevent and Protect Your Body From a Slip and Fall

However, if you do fall, it’s imperative that you seek medical attention immediately. After your initial treatment, additional problems can pop up, and you need to monitor your body for symptoms. A fall is an intense moment of impact on your body, and it can be shocking for your shoulders and back. The shoulder column and lower back are the most frequent pain points we hear about when we are treating patients after a fall.

BRAIN THERAPY! Winter can be a treacherous time for your shoulders and back. Between frequent window scraping and the risk of slippery sidewalks and parking lots, each day can be another burden on your spine and shoulder columns. Regardless of the weather, a fall can happen anywhere, at any time, and, as you age, your risk of falling can increase. Chronic conditions, medications, aging joints, and decreased mobility all make it more difficult for you to stay upright as you age. The key to fall prevention is understanding what puts you at risk for a fall and creating safety nets to prevent it. Physical therapy can treat any balance or dizziness issues you may be facing. We can also strengthen your muscles and joints, which will improve your balance and heighten your response time should you slip or stumble. In addition to physical therapy, having a clear plan for prevention can also diminish your risk of falls. This includes keeping pathways clear, wearing stable shoes, and staying active through things like daily walks and senior fitness classes. (Studies link regular exercise to stability!)

The simple truth is initial treatment isn’t always enough. In fact, you usually need more rehabilitation than just extra rest. When you simply treat the pain in the aftermath of a fall without any follow-up, you run the risk of damaging your shoulder and spine even further. This can also result in damage in other regions, including your hips, neck, knees, and feet. A fall isn’t a minor injury. You should take any stumble you have this winter seriously as it may cause intense pain and stability issues. Learn how the experts at Gilbert Physical Therapy can keep you upright and help you find relief by calling 717-591-0955.

Hoppin’ John ’

A traditional New Year’s favorite in the South, Hoppin’ John includes black-eyed peas that are said to represent coins, a sign of prosperity for the coming year. It’s usually served alongside collard greens, which represent cash.

Inspired by Epicurious


• 1 cup dried black-eyed peas • 5–6 cups water • 1 dried hot pepper, optional (arbol and Calabrian are great options)

• 1 smoked ham hock • 1 medium onion, diced • 1 cup long-grain white rice


1. Wash and sort peas. 2. In a saucepan, cover peas with water, discarding any that float. 3. Add pepper, ham hock, and onion. Gently boil and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, until peas are just tender, about 90 minutes. At this point, you should have about 2 cups of liquid remaining. 4. Add rice, cover, drop heat to low, and simmer for 20 minutes, undisturbed. 5. Remove from heat and let steam for an additional 10 minutes, still covered. 6. Remove lid, fluff with a fork, and serve.

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See You at the Farm Show!

Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions Why We Love PT The Dangerous Implications of a Fall Hoppin’ John

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Enjoy the Great Indoors With These Events!

There’s no better time to enjoy your favorite comforts than during January! Stay snug all month long with these Cumberland County events. Birds and Beverages When: Jan. 4 and 18 Where: Kings Gap Environmental Education Center, Carlisle Admission: Free Stay Cozy


through the end of March. Cancellations or updates can be found on the Kings Gap Environmental Education Center Facebook page. Learn more about the count at ‘ Three Tall Women’ When: Jan. 17–18, Jan. 23–26, Jan. 30–Feb. 2 at 2:30 and 8 p.m. Where: Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg Admission: Pricing varies by ticket Become captivated by the 1994 Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Three Tall Women.” When C is sent to the home of her 92-year-old client, A, for financial assistance, she is met with resistance and shifting moods. Along with B, a caretaker and companion for A, C tries to convince A to keep her focus. Meanwhile, A is left wondering about the course that led her life down the lonely,

unforgiving path she has found herself on. Learn more about this production and purchase tickets at Big Hands/Little Hands: Chilly Treats to Enjoy All Year Long When: Jan. 19 from 1–3 p.m. Where: The Kitchen Shoppe & Cooking School, Carlisle Admission: $49 per one-adult, one-child team Nothing can quite compare to the perfect treat, and this winter, you and your children — or grandchildren — can learn the secret to making some of the yummiest! Join instructors for this hands-on presentation on easy-to-make treats the whole family will enjoy year-round. Attendees will learn how to make and take home one item, choosing from frozen blueberry pie, snowman stacked cookies, milkshakes, snow bark, and snowman pizza. A tasting will be provided. For more information, visit

Take part in what can only be dubbed as the easiest science experiment ever. While you sip on hot tea, cocoa, or coffee, watch birdfeeders and count the number of birds that float on by. The data is collected and used by ecology experts to track bird totals and habits. This event continues on alternating Saturdays

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