2021-2022 Full Product Listing

Whether we’re simplifying the shipping process or reinventing how we provide accurate availability, our team of perennial experts bring together ingenuity and industry expertise so you can do more with the perennials you grow. Meet Our Team of Perennial Experts

APRIL HERRING-MURRAY Marketing Director aprilh@ppandl.net - 408-767-0325

ROSA GUDINO Purchasing Manager rosag@ppandl.net - 831-768-6331

MARLON CARRERA General Manager marlonc@ppandl.net - 831-768-6327

MARIA GENIS VILLALBA Inventory & Fulfillment Manager mariag@ppandl.net - 831-768-6322

DAVID STUTZMAN Production & Planning Manager davidks@ppandl.net - 831-768-6323

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