MKH Boulevard v.02


To overcome the high rising electricity tariff in Malaysia, the Government is encouraging building owners to make use of the space available on top of the building. Solar is the best choice to earn free electricity. However, investment is costly. It cost hundreds of thousands to install a set of the solar system to produce a certain amount of power requires. Disadvantages of Solar Energy: Cost The initial cost of purchasing a solar system is fairly high. This includes paying for solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and for the installation. Weather Dependent Solar panels are dependent on sunlight to effectively gather solar energy. Therefore, a few cloudy, rainy days can have a noticeable effect on the energy system. Also, solar energy cannot be collected during the night. Uses a Lot of Space The more electricity you want to produce, the more solar panels you will need, as you want to collect as much sunlight as possible. Solar PV panels require a lot of space and some roofs are not big enough to fit the number of solar panels that you would like to have. Associated with Pollution There are some toxic materials and hazardous products used during the manufacturing process of solar photovoltaic systems, which can indirectly affect the environment.

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