MKH Boulevard v.02

THE PROPOSAL This proposal is to get attention from the Joint-Management Body (JMB) of MKH Boulevard. We proudly propose the latest technology system in Renewable Energy, Vertical Windmill System with Storage. The system able to produces efficient electricity to power the common area in the MKH Boulevard apartment building. It is also an aspiration by our Government for Renewable Energy not only to save the dollar and cents but to reduce carbon emissions. Our system uses all elements of what defined as Renewable Energy. The energy generated from renewable resources naturally replenished on human timescales, such as wind. Unlike the traditional windmill turbine, our Vertical Windmill System does not require heavy wind to spin to produce energy. Our state-of- the-art Vertical Windmill is specifically designed to suits the wind pattern in Malaysia and suitable for all high-rise buildings. The system is self-operated and not dependent on grid power. The system can produce power 24 hours a day, rain or shine. The system can produce any amount of energy requires. The system can stabilize the energy by storing and release it. The system requires a minimum cost for power generation.

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