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You know your summer is going to be good when the first few weeks start out on the right foot. This past May, my son graduated from college, my wife graduated with her doctorate, and my daughter went to Italy to spend a few weeks studying abroad. These were big accomplishments for each member of my family, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. I also started this summer off great. Last month, I mentioned the promising potential of the new Diowave 60-watt laser I brought into the clinic to offer laser therapy treatment. A few weeks ago, a gentleman from Florida flew up to train me on how to use the new laser. Since then, the results I’ve been getting are unreal. patients that he wouldn’t use himself. When I bring something new into the clinic, I’m always the first guinea pig. I’ve been using the Diowave laser to treat a nerve injury in my elbow. Part of my hand, between by thumb and index finger and down to my wrist, has been numb since 1993. Since I started using the laser, my hand has gotten 90% better. I’m not the sort of physical therapist who will use something on his

The laser wasn’t a perfect fix, but a night-and-day difference was something I didn’t think was possible. Having experienced this amazing improvement for myself, I felt confident using the Diowave laser on an old friend who came in for help. Two years ago, Carl came to my house in bad shape. He was losing feeling in his leg and struggling to walk. We did a couple treatment visits, but then Carl suddenly stopped coming. I didn’t hear from him for almost two years. Then, earlier this summer, Carl was at my door again, this time bent over at a 90-degree angle and walking with a cane. Carl’s back pain had caused him to lose all feeling in his leg. He couldn’t even move his big toe, let alone walk. This is exactly the kind of case the Diowave laser is meant to treat. We set up the laser and focused on the nerves coming down the spinal column in his back. After 10 minutes of treatment, Carl could feel my hand touching his leg. He quickly took off his shoe and was amazed to see all of his toes moving.

that simply weren’t effective, all while feeling worse and worse. After seven treatments with the laser, Carl was walking straight again, no more cane and no more pain. What’s even better is that he’s been sleeping through the night again for the first time in years. Carl’s wife was in tears at his last appointment, calling his recovery a miracle. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the Diowave laser a miracle, but it is healing people. There are so many patients who struggle with pain or mobility issues caused by inflamed nerves. Until now, there were limited opportunities to get quality treatment for those problems. Carl and I are both proof of what can happen when you start thinking outside of the box with your health. This summer has been pretty great, and I look forward to what the future will bring. If Carl and I are any indication, with the Diowave at the clinic, the future will bring many more happy, healthy patients.

Over the last two years, Carl had spent a couple grand on various treatments

-Jim Brennan




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