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Swarnendu Kumar Biswas

Preventing or Resolving Conflicts – Understanding DISC helps us comprehend other behavioral types and therefore helps pre-empt or prevent many problems before they even occur. Some work best alone, some are good with numbers, others flourish in teams, some detest any kind or form of control and others shy away from risk. So, maybe it’s smarter to hire keeping DISC in mind; rather than hire and attempt to change or mould people to organizational-needs, later. Thus, once we have learnt the DISC-language and have used it to interact with or recruit people: we will find understanding human nature is actually effortless.We can also ‘empathize’ with people of other behavior-types and learn to interact with ease, effectively.

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breaking barriers - bringing positivity, success and happiness into your life. part-1

Having studied Personnel Management (Masters) and Economics (BA), Rukkini Sen has combinedpractical knowledgewith facilitation skills todevelopanddeliver programmeswhich meet the changing needs of business.She has attended labs on“Basic Human Lab Process”and “Diversity – Working through Differences” conducted by the Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Sciences.She has been in theTraining andDevelopment arena for over 5 years and hasworkedforavarietyofindustriessuchasIT,ITES,FMCG,EngineeringandConsulting. Have you ever wondered why some individuals, organizations, or countries are more successful than others? It’s no secret or hidden strategy. These people simply think and act effectively and achieve high levels of performance in every arena of their lives. They have learned how to do so by investing in the most valuable asset – themselves. When one speaks of investing in themselves: - training programmes, workshops, one on one coaching, etc comes to mind. However all these methods may not meet with success due to one major challenge – if the foundation is not right or strong enough. If the foundation is strong and is built on a system of truth, integrity and a positive attitude, then these methods of development can spur on an individual in his path to success and happiness. However if the foundation is built on ego, illusions and self consuming barriers, it is impossible to truly benefit from any workshops or any reading material for that matter. Ego, Illusions and Self Consuming Barriers may stem from these factors: Fear of the unknown Negative behavioral patterns since childhood that are difficult to recognize and break Unrealistic expectations from self and others Feelings of bitterness and resentment Need to feel Safe

If you have now realized that your world seems to be recreating the same patterns and relationships which are not bringing you happiness,it is time to sit up and do something about it NOW.

One must ask oneself:

Which attitudes are valid and leading you to success?

Which are invalid and are irrelevant and have only negative repercussions?

Which ones will lead you to achieve your goals?

Which ones will lead you away from your goals?

Which ones can you start working on immediately?

This little enquiry itself will bring great clarity and will keep reminding you of what your life’s purpose is. It will help you check your progress and measure your efforts so that your dreams don’t just remain dreams but are translated into achievable goals. If you have already made that decision that you want to feel a sense of balance, peace and achievement, then that’s half the battle won. To reach the other side, a little hard work is required, but the journey is enjoyable indeed.

The only competency that is effective during difficult times is Creativity & Innovation. However, its associated risk will always prove to be a deterrent to its implementation

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