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Madeline was born and raised in Richardson, Texas. She was involved in sports such as soccer and basketball all throughout her childhood and high school. Madeline graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in December 2018, where she was

involved in thepre-physical therapy/occupational therapyassociation. In her spare time she also volunteered at the comet cupboard on campus, a food pantry initiative at UTD dedicated to helping students in need. Madeline’s interest in physical therapy began when her sister injured her hip and had to go to physical therapy. Watching what her sister did at physical therapy appointments and also seeing her get better week by week really sparked her interest. After becoming a volunteer and being promoted to a physical therapy tech, she has continued to find this field to be very rewarding and fun. Now that Madeline has gained knowledge and skills of rehabilitation she will carry those tools on with her as she applies for physical therapy school. Madelineenjoys takingweekend trips togohikingandcamping. Shealso likes to get her friends together to play sand volleyball to stay active. She loves going to live sporting events such as hockey and basketball.

LOW BACK TRACTION Lie flat on the floor in the center of an open doorway with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Make sure your lower back is touching the floor and you have a rug underneath you so that you do not slide. Hold a broomstick across the doorway. Push the broomstick against the door frame gradually and slowly with your arms for 5-10 seconds. You will feel subtle traction in your lower back. Release slowly. EXERC I SE ESSENT I ALS USE THIS TECHNIQUE TO RELIEVE SCIATIC PAIN hourseveryday,and there isalwaysat leastonepartofmybody that is in pain. My senior year of high school, I met Dr. Cody Johnson after years of dealing with reoccurring injuries, and let me tell you… he is a genius! He manages tofixevery issueSOquicklyandefficiently. Ihighlyrecommend seeing Dr. Cody. He will keep you injury free!” - A. N. IamcurrentlyaBFADancemajorat theGloryaKaufmanSchool ofDanceatUSC inLosAngeles,CA. Iamdancing for fourtoeight

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Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of.


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