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F riendly insurance company slogans continue to be popular in the world of radio, television, and internet advertising. But do the insurance companies honestly stand behind the slogans they spend millions of dollars to promote year after year? Rarely does a day go by in our office when we don’t receive a phone call from a very unhappy prospective client who tells us about the terrible experience they are having with an insurance claims adjuster. Either the adjuster is not being cooperative or the prospective client knows they are being taken advantage of. For most insurance companies, the claims-adjustment process has always been used as a profit center for the company. And how do the insurance companies make a profit by paying out claims? They do it by denying the benefits owed to consumers and paying less-than-fair value while continuing to collect excessive insurance premium payments. State Farm Insurance has been caught red-handed doing this on numerous occasions over the past 40 years. For example, in State Farm v. Campbell, the U.S. Supreme Court noted that State Farm created “a national scheme to meet corporate fiscal goals by capping payouts on claims.” Common tactics employed by State Farm and other insurance companies include withholding important evidence, falsifying claim files, and prejudicing the claimant by unjustly attacking their character and credibility. Many of State Farm’s former employees have testified in various cases over the years saying they were trained to target claimants who were poor, elderly, or uneducated regarding the terms of their rights. These folks were most vulnerable to lowball offers, trickery, and deceit. Adjusters knew how to take advantage of people by asking specific questions and using the claimants’ own words against them. State Farm’s stonewalling tactics are common practice among all the big insurers, including Allstate, Farmers, USAA, and American Family. Each of these insurers have been caught employing schemes designed to increase company profits by preying on the vulnerable.

reasonable range or, at a minimum, what the insurer’s own investigation reveals to be the claim’s value.

At VanMeveren Law Group, we do our part to deter the insurance industry’s abuses by fighting hard every day to obtain reasonable settlement offers for our clients.

As part of this, I have written a new book called “Get It Settled.” It details specific steps you can take to level the playing field and effectively negotiate a fair resolution for your claim — and today, you can get your own free copy! Just give our office a call and request your free hard copy or digital version, which we can email to you instantly, and you too can take advantage of this helpful new resource.

All insurers must be held to their duty to act in good faith. This means they are required by law to promptly offer to settle claims for a value that falls within a

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