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Through you, as agent for the seller, I or we will give for the following described property located at:

County of

, Michigan.

Legally described as: (attached if left blank ) __________________________


The sum of __________

__________________________________________$___ ____________ PAYABLE AS FOLLOWS : Cash or Certified US funds upon execution and delivery of the deed, (warranty, limited warranty, special warranty, or quitclaim) conveying insurable title, free and clear of all encumbrances, assessments or liens except: the current and subsequent year’s property taxes, easements, covenants & restrictions of record, zoning, and all forms of governmental regulation. The property is purchased in absolute “as is, where is” con dition. 1. Time is of the essence and this is an irrevocable offer to purchase with no contingencies. Seller has a deadline to accept in writing by ______________________ (date and time) or five business days if left blank. In the event offer is accepted and Buyer fails to perform according to the terms of this contract, the down payment shall be forfeited as partial liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, without affecting any of SELLER’S further remedies. Either party may demand specific performance of this agreement. 2. As evidence of good faith binding this contract, a non-refundable down payment of $___ _________________ is made to be applied to the purchase price at closing. Down payment to be refunded only if title is uninsurable. If down payment is made with personal check, it shall be made payable to BippusUSA.com or _____________________________ 3. Improvements and fixtures. All realty improvements and fixtures are included in the price, including but not limited to the following: all electrical, gas, central heating and air, plumbing, including water softener, water heater and propane tanks (except rental units), built-in appliances, drapery hardware, attached carpeting, garage door opener, and __________________________________________________. Rented mechanical units and window a/c units are not included. Personal property and or equipment is not included. 4. Closing shall be on or before thirty (30) days from this date , subject to seller’s acceptance and confirmation, unless otherwise indicated in special provisions or as follows: Once this contract has been signed and accepted by the buyer and the seller it becomes Irrevocable and Absolutely binding on all parties, heirs and successors . An additional thirty (30) days to close can be allowed at the selle r’s option. If checked:  Yes This contract is subject to probate court approval and closing to be within,  60 days  90 days , with an additional 30 days allowed at the seller’s option. In the event the court does not approve this contract it becomes null and void. 5. If Buyer def aults, Seller may enforce this agreement, or may declare Buyer’s right to purchase terminated, retain the down payment as partial liquidated damages, and pursue other legal remedies. If the Seller defaults, buyer may enforce this agreement, or may request the return of the down payment and pursue legal remedies. If this agreement is not closed in the time and manner provided, the Auctioneer/Broker shall have the absolute right to determine the respective positions of the parties, and is authorized by the undersigned to take such actions with respect to the down payment as Broker deems appropriate. Broker/Auctioneer is indemnified and held harmless by the undersigned parties for their actions taken. Broker/Auctioneer has no responsibility for the performance of this agreement by the parties. SPECIAL PROVISIONS : _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ We have read the entire contents of this contract, front and back, and acknowledge receipt of same. We are not relying on verbal statements not contained herein. We further certify that we have examined the property described herein and that we are thoroughly acquainted with its condition and accept it as such. Delivery of acceptance of this offer after signing by the parties is not necessary to create a binding contract.

Witness: ___________________________________________ License # _____6505304016______


Buyer’s X

Buyer’s Address

(Signature) Name Printed __________________________________________

Buyer’s X _____________________________________________ (Signature) Name Printed __________________________________________ Telephone: _________________

_______________ ________

(W) _________________



(Fax) _______________________________ _________

Marital Status or Entity

(e-mail)____________________________ _______ **************************************************************************************************** The above proposition is hereby accepted this ____________ day of _____________________, 2022 at __________AM / PM and SELLER acknowledges receipt of a copy of this contract.


Seller ___________________________________________

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