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Christ is Love to bleed, Christ is Grace for need,. Christ is Food to feed, Christ is Guide to lead, Christ is Power to speed, Christ is Truth indeed, Christ is Living Seed, Christ doth ever plead, Christ doth all exceed, Christ is all we need.

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__________WE WANT__________ YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE For where your money is invested, your prayers will surely be included Our interest in your investment is God’s glory. We are acting as His agents. We have demonstrated our ability to secure satisfactory returns to investors. All of our work is distinctly practical and yields definite profits to investors. The security is unquestioned. We receive funds of any amount. We giveAnnuity Contracts for amounts of $100.00 or over, with semi-annual dividends of from 5 to 10 per cent, ac­ cording to age. (See page opposite editorials and back cover page) FULL PARTICULARS UPON REQUEST T. C. H o r t o n Superintendent

THE K ING ’S BUSINESS M O T T O : "I, the Lord, do keep it, 1 will water it every moment lest any hurt it, I will keep it niaht and dau " — ' 11 ■ ' ' ■ ' = Isa. 27:3 ............... ................ = = = = = PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES 536-558 SOUTH HO PE STREET, LOS ANGELES. CAL. E ntered as Second-C lass M atter N ovem ber 17, 1910, a t th e P o st Office a t Los A ngeles, C alifornia, u nder th e A ct of M arch 3, 1879 A cceptance for m ailing a t special ra te of po stag e provided for in Section 1103, A ct of O ctober 3, 1917, auth o rized O ctober 1, 1918 Volume XIV June, 1923 Number 6 CONTENTS E d ito rials: Saving Sinners (563 ), Is it a Home or a House? (566 ), Cheating the Children (567), The Deadly D rift (567 ), The Coming Generation (568), Downright Dishonesty (570) Bible Briefs— (574) Individual Besponsibility— By Charles H. H arrington (575) Points fo r Fisherm en— By Dr. A. C. Dixon (576) The Church and Evangelism—-By Dr, L. W. Munhall (578) T he Groundwork of Soul W inning—By Rev. Charles F. Reitzel (581) Soul T ravail—By Rev. Oswald J. Smith (584) Notes on th e Jews and Prophecy— (588) Bible In stitu te in China— (590) Hom iletical Helps—- (593) Evangelistic Stories— (598) Bible In stitu te Happenings— (605) The P lace of Music in Christian Work— By Prof. John B. Trow­ bridge (609) The Gospel P au l Preached—-By Robert Candlish (612) In tern ation al Sunday School Bessons— (616) Fundam entals Sunday School Lessons— (635) C urrent Religious Comment— (654) Book Review— (657) The Science of th e Book of Job— By Dr. A. R. Copeland (659) PLEASE W hen se n d in g su b sc rip tio n s, a d d re ss c o rre sp o n d en ce to Office o f T h e K in g ’s B u sin ess, B ib le I n s titu te o f L os A n g eles, 536- 558 S o u th H o p e S tre e t. C h eck s m ay be m ad e p a y a b le to B ible I n s titu te of L os A n g eles. Do n o t m a k e ch eck s o r m o n ey , o rd e rs to in d iv id u a ls c o n n ected w ith th e B ib le I n s titu te . _ I t y 111 sa v e m u ch c o n fu sio n if o rd e rs fo r b o o k s a re se n t d ire c t to BIOLA BOOK ROOM in s te a d o f b e in g en clo sed w ith m ail to T h e K in g ’s B u sin ess. C h eck s fo r b o o k s sh o u ld be m ad e s e p a ra te ly to th e B ook R oom . O N L Y O N E D O L L A R A Y E A R FOREIGN COUNTRIES, INCLUDING CANADA $1.25— SINGLE COPIES 15 CENTS Special Club Rate for Ten or More Subscriptions 75c Each T. C. HORTON, E d ito r in Chief K EITH L. BROOKS, M anaging E d ito r ALAN S. PEARCE, C irculation R epresentative



■BllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllliniUlUlUllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllMIMlIIIII SOUL WINNERS’ NUMBER WHATSOEVER HE SAITH TO THEE—DO Fishermen, fishermen, On Galilee, W^ho a t th e M aster’s word Cast in th e sea; W hat sang ye, fishermen, Out on th e blue?. “Whatsoever He saith to thee— do!” L ittle lad, little lad, W h at do you say? You ied a m ultitude F o r H im one day,— “B ring H im your barley loaves “And fishes two, “Whatsoever He saith to thee— do !” (J. H. Sammis) “Ye have n o t chosen me, b u t I have chosen you, and ordained you, th a t ye should go and b ring fo rth fru it, and th a t your fru it should rem ain.” (John 15:16) “As thou h a st sent me in to th e world, even so have I also sen t them into the world.” (John 17:18) “And they th a t be wise shall shine as th e brightness of th e firm ament; and they th a t tu rn many to righteousness, as th e stars for ever and ever.” (Daniel 12:3) SAVING SINNERS In the final analysis, what is the business of the church? It could never be a selfish business, for it must conform to the charac­ ter, the life and work of its Founder. When Christ propounded the ques­ tion to His disciples, “ But whom say ye that I am?” Peter replied, “ Thou art the Ghrist, the son of the living God.” And to him Jesus replied, “ Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. ’’ < The foundation of the church, then, is a Rock, and that Rock is Him­ self, the Son of God. There can never be any other foundation, for “ other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” For what purpose did Jesus Christ come into the world? “ This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” There is no other way by which men can be saved; “ There is none other name under heaven, given among men, where­ by we must be saved.” If Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, we must know who are sinners. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God,” and sin is coming short of God’s glory. “ There is none righteous, NO, NOT ONE!”

564 T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S The Church, then, consists of a body of sinners who have been saved through faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, whose blood atoned for their sins and whof through this"finished work which He wrought in their behalf, by His death and resurrection, are united to Him by an un­ breakable bond and designated by Him as His own-—the Church. Why, now, does He not take them to glory at once, for “ To depart and be with Christ is far, far better” ? Why leave us here? He leaves us here to build His. church—to complete His body. It is 'plain enough, then, is it not, that our business is to save sinners,—to rep­ resent Him in the greatest business in the world. He came to ‘‘seek and to save” and He leaves us here to carry out His work. # How is it to be done ? It cannot be done by trying to make the world better. Christ did not try to do that. He died to save men. The world cannot be made better by being told to keep thé Ten Commandments or to follow the Golden Rule. No man ever yet succeeded in keeping the Ten Commandments. His nature is such that it is impossible. He must have a new nature. You cannot make a sinner better,-^-Christ could not make a sinner better except through His death. You cannot save sinners by having better homes for them or by changing their environment. You make them more prosperous—perhaps. You may give them all the wisdom of the world, but you do not make their natures any different. They were born with their feet toward the door of the pit and unless they “ face about” (repent) there is no hope for them. The business of the church, then, is very definite, very simple and very practical. The business of every member of the body of Christ is to be a soul-winner. It is the business of the preacher and teacher to win souls, but it is no more the business of the preacher and teacher than it is the business of the humblest member. It is the business of the preacher to tell his people what they must do if they are to obey Christ, for both preacher and people must give an account of their service. Soul saving is the great business of the church. Everything else is sec­ ondary and subordinate. No believer is excused. Every believer is exhort­ ed to be at work in the business established by our Lord. Expensive buildings, elegant surroundings, educated ministry, elabo­ rate music, enlightened members, endowed financial support,—may all add to the severity of God’s just judgement if there is a lukewarm condition concerning the salvation of the lost. For it is written, So, then, because thou art lukewarm and neither cold -nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. ” We were saved to serve. He will never excuse us from that obliga­ tion. We are commissioned to serve, we are commanded to serve— “Go ye!” We can because He never asks of us an impossible task. If you have never sensed this truth before, God help you to do so now. Begin today. Confess your sin of neglect and pray for grace and guidance. Yield all to Him for this work. Let us go out without fear. Give out the message with tracts and Gospels. Let us plead—with tears in our hearts-r—with the unsaved to ac­ cept our blessed Lord. Do not let anybody or anything hinder us. They are dying today without Christ ! They are heartsick ! No- SOMETHING WORTH WHILE


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

body cares for their souls! Let us care. Let us pray for them and with them. Let us plead with them. Let us do it now! Tomorrow will be too late for some. The night cometh. ‘.‘He that winneth souls is wise.” ——T. C. H. «JMj. H i jte Ms? THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES This school for training young men and women for Christian work was organized fifteen years ago and has been owned of God in dome a definite work on the Pacific Coast. The specific thing to which its founders and their co-workers attribute this signal blessing is that the Institute at the very- outset adopted a state­ ment of doctrine (a synopsis of which we append herewith) and when its buildings were erected, this statement of doctrine was included in the deed to the property and can never be changed. Every member of the Board of Directors, of the Faculty, and every Department Head, is required to sign this statement of doctrine the first of every year. No one can ever preach or teach in its splendid auditorium, or class rooms, any doctrine which is contrary to this statement; and any violation of this rule would be followed by the reversion of the property to the original donors, or their heirs. This policy has met with favor on the part of loyal Christian people and has commanded the rich blessing of God. The Institute now has property valued at more than two millions of dollars, in this country and in China, and its work has a wider scope than that of many similar organi­ zations, as can be seen from the “ Circle of Activities” shown opposite the AND YET EASY. (See Inset)


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

editorial page. Our statement mental doctrines, as expressed Christendom: The T rinity of th e Godhead. The Deity of Christ. The P ersonality of th e Holy Ghost. The S up ern atu ral and P len ary au tho rity of th e Holy Scriptures. The Unity in D iversity of th e Church th e Body and B ride of Christ. The Substitutionary Atonement. The Necessity of th e New B irth. We are sure1 that all sincere us that these doctrines furnish Christian work.

of doctrine covers the following funda- in the common creed of evangelical The Maintenance of Good Works. The Second Coming of Christ. The E verlasting Existence of the Spirit. The Resurrection of th e Body. The Iiife E verlasting of Believers. The Endless Punishm ent of th e Im ­ penitent. The R eality and P ersonality of Satan, believers in the Old Book will agree with a safe, sane and sound foundation for —T. C. H.

IS IT A HOME OR A HOUSE? There is quite a distinction between a “ home” and a “ house.’’ A house may be a hotel, or an apartment house, or a number of other things,— but a home is something entirely different. We are rather short on homes these days. We have not been giving much attention to the value of the ideal home life. The word “ home” used to carry with it an aroma of sweet and sacred memories. A home meant a Bible, a mother’s knee, the lisping of little lips in prayer, sometimes the tucking in at night by the mother’s hands and the wetting of the child’s cheek by mother’s tears. There were scenes which could never be erased from the tablets of memory—the imprint of holy touches which in after years were effective in bringing wayward ones back to the feet of Jesus. Now we have houses instead of homes, —apartments, lodging houses, hotels. Now it is rare to see a Bible in the living room, rare to have morn­ ing or evening prayers. There are-mot many fathers and mothers of the old-fashioned kind. Mother is at the club, the polls, the jury room, the movies, or the dance. Father is busy, day and night, for the club, the lodge, the theater, politics, have a constant call. The children grow up in an atmosphere of their own making. They know more about sin and crime at twelve now, than their parents knew at twenty. Before they are sixteen, girls are bearing children and others are in the detention home. Boys are criminals at ten and murderers be­ fore they are twenty. We boast of our educational facilities, not realizing that but a meager per cent of our youth ever avail themselves of them. Read this from a prominent morning paper: “ In determining the responsibility of modern education, a group of researchers gave but five per cent to the college. The schools were given credit for twenty per cent, and the home for sev’enty-five per cent. “ With so much of responsibility for the future of the child placed upon it, it is sad, indeed, that the home should be failing in its obligation. The influence of the home in the up-bringing of the child is becoming less and less,—yet it is in the home that character should be. formed and made. The things that take the place of home in the training of the youth of

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


America are seldom to be warmly approved. ’’■ In our own city there is one church, through whose efforts homes are used for Week Day Bible Classes, in which classes the children commit to memory hundreds of selected Bible verses and where the Word of God obtains a fixed place in the minds and memories of the children. • Should not every pastor in the land who has a Bible which he believes is the Word of God, give greater emphasis to the importance of the fathers and mothers touching the lives of their children with the touch of Christ, and thus helping to lay the foundation deep and strong for faith in the Word? —T. C. H. CHEATING THE CHILDREN The Bible has been banished from the public schools and Satan has secured an entrance for the propaganda of his devilish delusion of evolu­ tion. Now he has also fastened his fangs on the little children in the Sunday Schools. If God’s people were as. wide-awake as are the devil’s servants, it would be a cause of rejoicing, but they are for the most part “ sleepy saints.” “ The Mayflower” is a Sunday School paper for the kiddies, published by the Congregational Publishing Society, and has a wide circulation. In one issue of this little paper last year appeared an illustrated article on “ Hoofs, Claws and Paws,” in which was pictured the so-called develop­ ment of the paws. The following is a quotation: “ ‘Were our toes once as long as our fingers, like the monkey’s?’ Betty laughed as she asked the question and looked a t h e r dainty shoes. ‘I suppose they were, my dear, for man once walked on all fours, and climbed like th e monkey. L ike the monkey, too, he had a n atu ra l coat of hair, and had no need of clothes. It was by covering th e body more and more w ith clothes th a t mankind gradually lost th e hairy covering.’ ” Every Sunday School teacher that believed and used that story was an instrument of Satan, poisoning the minds of the little children with teaching that never has had any authentic proof, and laying the founda­ tion for the denial of the first chapter of Genesis, and making little skeptics of the children. What sort of followers of the Lord Jesus Christ could they be ? Would not most of the mothers in the home accept the papers as endorsed by the church and begin to adopt the teaching of evolution, and so the home become a Bible-denying home ? Is there any suggestion in this to arouse in your hearts a holy desire to help save the children- and thus help save the church; and by saving the children and the church, save the nation? —T. C. H. THE DEADLY DRIFT Forty years ago Robert Ingersoll was reckoned as the leading enemy of the Bible in our land. Evangelical churches repudiated him. He could find no place on a Y. M. C. A. lecture course in the country. Ingersoll was the fruitage of Thomas Paine’s seed-sowing. Today In- gersoll’s seed-sowing is having its fruitage in little Ingersoll imitators who are hailed with childish glee and welcomed into so-called evangelical

568 T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S churches and Ministerial Unions composed of wheat and chaff, where the denial of the infallible Word of God is counted as a sure sign of scholar­ ship. And so it is that in the Satanic schools of supercilious suppositions so manifestly prevalent in this “ lime-light age” (whose light comes from him whom God’s Word describes as an angel of light, and whose presence always shadows the gathering of these “ scholars,” ) hearts are filled with hatred for a Christ of virgin birth and lips are loud in denunciation of the doctrine of a blood atonement, and their chief enjoyment is found in mak­ ing fun of the Fundamentalist: Unconsciously they are proving the verity of the Word which thus describes them: “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance th a t is in them because of th e blindness of th e ir mind, and professing themselves to be wise, they become fools.” And how about the poor, deluded people—both young and old—who are depending upon them for the Bread of Life ? How about them ? What can we say? What can we do? How can we help them? There is one thing we can do—we can preach the Word. We can teach the Word. We can spread the Word through the .printed page. We can witness by lip and life to the verity of the Word. We can do personal work with the Word, and we can pray, pray, PRAY ! that if it please God this tide of unholy rejection of the precious Word may be stayed and that God’s people may prevail for a revival of faith in the infallible Bible and for a re­ vival of real service among all believers. —T. C. H; THE COMING GENERATION—WHAT? “ Th is kn ow a ls o » t ha t in th e l a s t da ys pe rilou s ti m es sha ll b e lover s o f the ir own s e lv e s1* coveto us, boa ste rs, p r o u d , b l a s T O P A R E N T S , unthankful, un ho ly ” (2 T im . 3 :1 -2 ). “Young men are growing better,” says Prof. A lbert Rolfe, of Pottstown, Pa., in a lecture before a women’s club of Philadelphia. “The boys of today are better in nearly every way than the boys of th irty years ago. The present day youth is sound and clean, and in .coming years will help set th e world rig h t.” We would like to believe it. But w ith such statistics as are brought to us through the newspapers and magazines, we can only believe either th a t th e profes­ sor was trying to be nice to a bunch of society mothers, or he has been “kidding him self” too much w ith th e evolutionary theory. When the New Testament prophets looked down to the end of th is age and saw the widespread revolt from the faith in which th e mystery of iniquity would head up, they saw also the decay of morals and a general lawlessness as its blood relatives. Scan some headlines clipped from the daily papers and ask yourself, How is this crime among mere boys to be accounted for? W hat will check it? More than three-fourths of th e male offenders brought into New York crimi­ nal courts last year were boys under 21. The warden of San Quentin prison, California, says th a t 50 per .cent of the prisoners are under 30, a n d '350 of them are boys. The census bureau reveals the fact th a t in one year 1600 boys an d 14,834 girls fifteen and under entered into matrimonial relation. IT COSTS SOMETHING—DOES

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


LAi 40 THEFTS TOPftlflfBOYS Brooklyn Detectives Report 56,000 Worth of Loot in Room of Lads of Fifteen. / I

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The bureau shows also th a t 82 boys and 499 girls of fifteen, were divorceld or widowed during th e year. In San Francisco a few days ago, a girl of 11 and a boy of 12 eloped and sta rted life together on a pedestrian honeymoon. In 1921, 858 children under 16 committed suicide. A recent paper gives 707 child suicides for 1922. A few days ago five girls under 17 made a suicide paot and carried it out. Justice Ford, of the New York Supreme Court, said the other day th a t every girl when she gets to be 15 years old ought to be shu t up for a few years tp protect her from lustful youths. He had ju st been listening in disgust to a batch of annulm ent suits. Judge Ben B. Lindsey, head of the Juvenile Court of Denver, and well known the world over for his services on behalf of children and women, recently said: “My experience, study and investigation of juvenile life have convinced me th a t p aren ts need to be ta u g h t the fundam entals of child rearing. I firmly believe th a t not more th an twenty per cent of parents are relatively and comparatively competent to raise children.” The root of the whole trouble is th a t the spiritual foundations are being swept away. When the divine au tho rity of the Word of God is gone, everyone is a t sea and there is no restrain t. The Bible cannot be read in th e public school, yet infidelity can be taught. F ou r states have now ruled th a t the Bible is a sec­ tarian book arid may not be used in the public schools— Illinois, Wisconsin, Michi­ gan and California. In fact, th ere is a well organized, aggressive propaganda seeking to influence the child life of th e nation and underm ine faith in the Bible. Not only the national educators bu t now the American Association for the Ad­ vancement of Science, has openly declared for evolution and th reaten ed to fight IT PAY? (See Inset)

570 T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S in the, courts any who attem p t to curb th e ir teaching. The issue is clear cut. We know now ju st what crowd is in control of the schools of America and what the trend will he. Hon. W. J. Bryan in a le tte r to th e “Christian S tandard” has ju st said: It has b e e n d i f f i c u l t t o con vi nc e the C h r i s ti a n p eo p le th a t e ff o r t to us e th e p u b li c sch ools for the o ve rth row o f th e B ib le ex clu d ed fr o m th e s ch oo ls — a s it ha s b ee n in m a n y st a t e s— i t t ha t ev en the rea d in g o f it v iol at ed p r o h ib iti on a g a in st th e te T h e p u b l i c d i d not know t ha t o n e o f th e real forces b ack o f ath eism a n d agn ost ic ism o f those s c ie n t is t s w h o ha ve subst it M o s a i c a cc ou n t o f cre at io n . Hav ing d i s c a r d e d th e crea tion o f crea tion for th e p u r p o s e a n d a s a pa rt o f G o d ’s p l a n — t h e y h te ac hin g t ha t wh ich ca nn ot be tr ue except o n th e theory t h a t t th e t e ac h in g has b ee n o p e n , p u b l i c a tt e nt io n has not b e e n , un t lo g ic a l a n d actual in fl u en ce u p o n the r e lig io u s v ie w s o f stu den R eferring to th e resolutions passed by the Association of. Scientists a t Cam­ bridge, Mass., he says: They attempt to s e t u p a n oligar chy in free A m e r i c a , the has be en att em p ted in histo ry. P o lit ic a l olig ar ch ie s ar e sati sf o f m on ey fo r th e des po ts t o s p e n d , a n d w it h th e ap p oi n tm en t b u t t h is oli gar chy ass um es t o d ete rm in e th e most im p o rt a n t o m a n ’s at ti tu de towar ds th e C r e a t o r . It ascribes t o m a n a b ru trac e hi s an cestry t o the j u n g le .. I t m o ck s a t th e h o li e s t th in th at t h e p u b li c sh al l t a x i t s e l f to pay th e se sc ie n t is t s fo r te ac what the ir p are n ts d o no t w a nt t au gh t. A s th e o r d e r com pe ll i to mak e b ri ck s witho ut st ra w ha ste ne d th e day o f the ir e m a n c a n d in tolerant d e m a n d o f a h an df ul o f sc ie n t is t s brin gs m eas wh en those wh o d en y G o d a n d s nee r a t th e B ib le w i l l b e co m sch ools fo r th e te ac hi ng o f the ir go dl e ss d o c tr i n e . The y are themselves into th e Ancient a n d H o n o r a b l e O r d e r o f A p e s— o a p e , t h e y ca n s e le c t s o m e o th er a n im a l as a n obj ect o f anc e c an n o t laugh th e B ib le o u t o f th e U n ite d Sta tes , o r , a t p u b l m in d s o f th e young . We are raising up a crop of moral weaklings and crim inals. Bow God oiA. of His universe, rip up th e Bible, deny the au tho rity of Christ and deify man, and you have all the machinery for producing a generation of crooks. It is only a question of how long th e people of the churches and the taxpayers of th e land will perm it theorists and agnostics, in th e name of education, to wreck th e faith of our children in the schools.— K. L. B. There are men in U nitarian pulpits today, and men in no pulpits at all, who w ithdrew from the m inistry of evangelical churches because they could no longer honestly preach th e doctrines which in th eir ordination vows they pledged them ­ selves to proclaim and defend. One wonders what such men th ink of men they know in th e m inistry who hold th e same skeptical ideas bu t still feed a t th e full table of an evangelical denom ination. The daily papers have informed the public th a t there are hundreds of m inisters who are either preaching what they do not believe or holding rationalistic views which they do not dare to proclaim while draw ing pay of an orthodox church. The situation is serious and m ust be faced. Laymen must decide for themselves whether or not they will to lerate such down­ right dishonesty. The H erald and Presbyter says: "A Unitarian m inister says th a t Dr. G rant no more belongs in. an Episcopal pulpit th an Dr. Fosdick does in a B aptist or _•*!£. ^1*. DOWNRIGHT DISHONESTY

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S 571 P resbyterian one. They are both asserting th e doctrines th a t U nitarians have been m aintaining for years.” Rev. Edmund Booth Young, pastor of th e F irst Unitarian Church, Athol, Massachusetts, writes as follows to The Christian Century: . “I t is p e rfe c tly c le a r W here th e c o n fessio n al c h u rc h e s s ta n d on th e d o c trin e s of th e d e ity of Je su s, th e v irg in b irth , th e a to n em e n t, th e p h y sic a l re s u rre c tio n a n d th e ascen sio n o f J e s u s ; w h y , th e re fo re , sh o u ld th o se m in is te rs w h o d en y tlfe se d o c trin e s c o n tin u e b efo re th e w o rld officially a s M e th o d ists, E p isc o p a lia n s o r P re s b y te ria n s ? I t is n o t fo r m e to im p u g n th e p e rso n a l h o n e s ty of a n y in d iv id u al, b u t I c a n n o t b u t feel—- a n d th in k th e la ity g e n e ra lly fe e l|fe th a t u n ita ria n is m in th e bosom a n d in th e p a y of tr in ita r ia n is m is n o t o n ly c o n fu sin g b u t e th ic a lly u n ju s tifia b le ^ '; Discussing the Slaten case The Baptist Courier says: “ T h e ol d v ie w w as th a t th e fu n d am en tal p rin cip les o f th e teach must b e I n a c c o r d w it h th e eh u rc h es o f whi ch t h e y ar e m e m b e r s tutio ns in wh ich th ey ta ke servic e; a n d whe n t h e y f i n d t he m se lv w it h t h e se prin cip les th ey volun ta ri ly wi th d raw . A d o n i r a m J u d s L u th e r Ric e f e l t t h is obl igation so pro fo u n d ly t h a t they withd re t ha t h a d se nt th em out as m ission aries— withdr ew ev en a ft e r t h e jo i n ed th e B a p t is t s wit ho ut having any i d ea how t h e y co u ld b e w o rk . A H m e n h o n o r them fo r thus fo ll o w in g their co ns cie nce s. ” The W estern Recorder (B aptist) says: “J u d a s w a s b y w a y o f b e in g - an a v a n t c o u rie r o f th e ‘b e s t m in d s’ of m odern. R a tio n a lism . H e su g g e ste d o n e im p ro v em e n t in o u r L o rd ’s co n d u ct. T h e ch ie f d iffer­ ence; b e tw e e n h im an d th e H ig h e r C ritic s of th e school of S a b a tie r, W ellh au sen , e t al„ is th a t th is sch o o l su g g e s t m a n y su ch im p ro v e m e n ts in th é c o n d u c t a n d te a c h in g s o f o u r L ord. J u d a s sta y e d w ith th é T w elve, u n til th e in te r e s ts o f th e ‘m o n ey b a g ” seem ed to s u g g e s t se p a ra tio n . S im ila rly th e M o d e rn ists s ta y w ith th e E v a n g e lic a ls, w h o se fa ith th e y a re d o in g th e ir u tm o s t to d e stro y , so lo n g a s th e s ë . E v a n g e lic a ls lik e h e lp ­ le s s sh eep fu rn is h th e p la tfo rm an d f a t p ro v e n d e r fo r th e S w iv el-ch air w o lf-p ro p h e t w ho p re a c h e s an d te a c h e s th a t th e ir f a ith is a tiss u e of su p e rs titio n . H ow lo n g w ill th e sh eep fu rn is h p ro v e n d e r fo r th e ‘b e s t-m in d ’ w o lv es, w h o se c o n sum in g p a ssio n is to le a d th e m to fo rs a k e G od’s re v e la tio n to fo llo w th e ir w o rm -e a te n p h ilo so p h ies? O L o rd , h ow lo n g !” We tak e the following from the Bible Call, an English paper: “ ‘A re yo u re a d y , w ith a ll f a ith fu l d ilig en ce, to b a n ish a n d d riv e a w a y a ll e r ­ ro n eo u s a n d s tr a n g e d o c trin e c o n tra ry to G od’s W o rd ; an d b o th p riv a te ly a n d o p en ly to c a ll u p o n a n d e n c o u ra g e o th e rs to do th e sa m e?’ To th is so lem n q u e stio n B ish o p W e l­ don a n sw e re d a t h is c o n s e c ra tio n : T am re a d y , th e L o rd b e in g m y h e lp e r.’” “N ev erth eless, h e d a re s to su g g e s t a n ‘e x p u rg a te d B ible.’ A fte r h is a cce p ta n ce of th e w e ig h ty c h a rg e p e rta in in g to th e B ish o p ric, w ith a ll .th e s a n c tio n s w h ich in v e st h is e x a lte d office, one w o u ld h a v e th o u g h t th a t th is ¿.Episcopal c ritic w o u ld tre m b le , le s t a th ric e h o ly God sh o u ld p a ra ly z e h is to n g u e fo r h is in tre p id ity in re g a rd in g G od’s H o ly w o rd a s q u a rtz re q u irin g to p a ss th ro u g h th e filte r of h u m a n c ritic ism in o rd e r to e x tr a c t its in d e te rm in a te c o n c o m ita n ts.” The Watchman-Exam iner (B aptist) says: “M any a m o n g Us a re la m e n tin g th e p u b lic ity th a t is b e in g g iv e n b y th e d a ily .p ress to th e ; ch a n g e d th e o lo g ic a l a ttitu d e of c e rta in o f o u r le a d e rs a n d a re w o n d e rin g if th is re v e la tio n w ill n o t sh a k e th e confidence of u n th in k in g m en in th e C h ristia n relig io n . No d o u b t m a n y of th e people o f th e w o rld w ill sa y : ‘If C h ristia n le a d e rs c a n ­ n o t a g re e am o n g th em se lv e s c o n c e rn in g th e g r e a t fo u n d a tio n q u e stio n s of C h ristia n ity , h o w can th e y ex p ect Us to becom e C h ristia n s ? ’ In sp ite of th is d a n g e r w e a re h e a r tily g la d th a t th e m en w ho r e je c t th e th in g s w h ich h ith e rto h a v e b een co u n ted fu n d a m e n ta l to C h ris tia n ity a re com in g o u t fro m u n d e r co v er a n d b o ld ly a n d ev en b ra z e n ly d e c la r­ in g th e ir p o sitio n . In re c e n t y e a rs i t h a s b een th e sh am e of C h ris tia n ity th a t le a d e rs am o n g u s w ho a re su p p o sed to b eliev e one th in g h a v e b een q u ie tly a n d c o v e rtly te a c h ­ in g a n o th e r th in g . Som e h av e ta k e n th e e q u a lly u n te n a b le p o sitio n o f h o ld in g one fa ith in th e s tu d y a n d p ro c la im in g a n o th e r f a ith in th e p u lp it. .D e s p ite th e fa c t th a t it g iv e s to th e se c u la r p re ss th e o p p o rtu n ity to p la y b a ttle d o re a n d sh u ttle c o c k w ith th e g r e a t fo u n d a tio n q u e stio n s of C h ristia n ity , in th e lo n g ru n it w ill p ro v e to be to

572 T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S th e a d v a n ta g e o f C h ris tia n ity fo r m en w h o h a v e lo st th e ir fa ith in th e s u p e rn a tu ra l fo u n d a tio n s of C h ristia n ity , o r w ho h av e ch a n g e d th e ir a ttitu d e to w a rd th e d iffe re n tia t­ in g p rin c ip le s of th e d e n o m in a tio n w ith w h ich th e y a re asso c ia te d , fra n k ly a n d o p en ly to d eclare th e ir p o sitio n a n d to ab id e b y th e co n seq u en ces.” Some preachers will wince and some will get angry under th e rebuke of Dr. Mark Matthews (Presbyterian) of Seattle, Wash., yet th e fact remains th a t these are dishonest preachers—no m atter how pious and sweet they may be— and there is only one rig h t course open to them . And to the churches for whom they preach Dr. Matthews in “The Searchlight” says: “A ny r a tio n a lis tic p re a c h e r w ho s ta n d s in th e p u lp it a n d d en ies th e fu n d a m e n ta l d o c trin e s of G od’s in fa llib le w o rd a n d c o n tin u e s to d ra w h is s a la ry fro m th e tre a s u ry o f o rth o d o x c h u rc h e s is d ish o n e st. H e is m e n ta lly d ish o n e st, m o ra lly d ish o n e st a n d fin a n ­ c ia lly d ish o n e st. H e is .g e ttin g m o n ey u n d e r fa lse p re te n se , is liv in g b e fo re th e p u b lic a lie, a n d is p ra c tic in g a fra u d u p o n th e c o n g re g a tio n . “H e is d ra w in g h is m e a t a n d b re a d fro m th e p o c k e t o f h o n e s t ^o rthodox m en an d w om en. “W h y is n ’t h e h o n e s t e n o u g h to re s ig n th e p u lp it? W h y d o esn ’t h e go to h is ow n crow d a n d a s k th em to g iv e h im a c ru s t o f b re a d a n d c lo th e h is u n w o rth y b o d y ? No, h e d efam es God, a n d d em an d s o f God’s p eo p le t h a t th e y s u p p o rt h im . I f th a t isn ’t d is- h o n est, th e n I do n o t k n o w th e m e a n in g o f th e w o rd . “T h e tim e h a s com e w h en e v e ry ch u rc h in th is la n d com posed o f h o n e st, co n ­ se c ra te d , o rth o d o x C h ristia n m en a n d w om en sh o u ld rise a n d d riv e fro m th e ir p u lp its su c h d ish o n e st m en .” These are not th e sentiments merely of a few Fundam entalists. The daily papers in many of our big cities are expressing themselves editorially along the same line. F o r instance, w ith reference to the notorious case of Dr. Perdy Stick- ney Grant, of New York, the Washington Evening S tar said: “B ish o p M a n n in g (o f N ew Y o rk ) is a lm o st u n a n im o u sly su p p o rte d b y th e n a ­ tio n ’s e d ito rs in th e p o sitio n h e h a s a ssu m e d re g a rd in g th e p u b lic u tte r a n c e s o f H r. P e rc y S tic k n e y G ra n t.” The P ittsbu rgh Leader said: “T h e in te n tio n o f D r. G ra n t c a n n o t re lie v e h im fro m th e re sp o n s ib ility of th e effects of h is la n g u a g e . W h en h e com es to th in k it o v e r D r. G ran t, no d o u b t, w ill a g re e w ith B ish o p M a n n in g th a t, if th e p o p u la r im p re ssio n of la s t S u n d ay ’s se rm o n is a d ep en d ab le e x p ressio n of th e . o p in io n s ex p ressed , th e p u lp it is no p lace fo r him . ‘B o rin g fro m w ith in ’ is n o t p o p u la r in m a n y p laces.” The Jersey Jou rn al said: “O pinions, b eliefs, c u stom s a n d p o licies a re b e in g rev ised b y m an y . T h a t, h o w ­ ev er, does n o t a lte r th e f a c t th a t a c h u rc h or a d e n o m in a tio n s till h a s th e r ig h t to in ­ s is t t h a t th o se w h o p re a c h u n d e r its b a n n e rs sh o u ld e ith e r p re a c h w h a t th o se b a n n e rs s ta n d fo r o r q u it p re a c h in g .” The New York World said: “T h e q u e stio n in v o lv ed is le s s one of th e o lo g y th a n of g o o d fa ith . D r. G ra n t, w o u ld be a p ic tu re sq u e a n d in flu e n tia l fig u re 1on a n y p la tfo rm , b u t, as a n E p isco p al re c to r, it is n o t h is p riv ile g e to fo rm u la te a n ew creed. H is p u lp it is n o t h is p e rso n a l v eh icle, b u t is o n e of th e m o u th p ieces of th e c h u rc h fo r d e c la rin g its a cce p te d fa ith .” The Baltimore Sun said: “D r. G ra n t h a s a r ig h t to re p u d ia te th e creed, b u t h e h a s no r ig h t to te a c h in th e ch u rc h so m e th in g c o n tra ry to w h a t th e c h u r c h te a c h e s a n d s ta n d s fo r. P o ssib ly good m ay d ev elo p fro m a ll th is s p iritu a l tu rm o il, b u t d isp u te s lik e th is do n o t m a k e fo r C h ristia n b ro th e rh o o d n o r fo r th e s p ir it of peace, w h ich th e w o rld n eed s so m uch now ," The Asbury P ark P ress said: “N one can q u a rre l w ith D r. G ra n t’s view s. T h ey a re h is ow n a n d h e is e n title d to h o ld th em . H e is n o t e n title d , h ow ev er, to m a k e th e E p isc o p a l C h u rch th e v eh icle fo r e x p re ss in g th o se v iew s in v io la tio n of h is o a th of o rd in a tio n .” ENEMIES OF THE THUTH—

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


The Albany Knickerbocker P ress said: “I t w o u ld seetn th a t one w ho re a lly lo v ed th e c h u rc h w h ich h a s fo ste re d h im fo r so m an y y e a rs w o u ld av o id in flic tin g u p o n it ¿such a so u rce of s trife .” The Utica Observer-Dispatch said: “A ny man. of h o n o r a n d in te g rity , fin d in g h im se lf o u t of tu n e w ith a n o rg a n iz a ­ tio n of a n y k in d , se c u la r, re lig io u s, p riv a te o r p u b lic, w ill d e c e n tly se v e r h is re la tio n s th e re w ith a n d fo llo w h is ow n b e n t.” The Brooklyn Eagle said: “D r. G ra n t's d isb e lie f in th è creed of th e E p isco p al C h u rch c a n n o t c h a n g e th a t creed. A ll it d o e s .is to m ak e h is .re te n tio n of a n E p isc o p a lia n re c to rs h ip in to le ra b le to th e g re a t, m a ss Of d e v o u t E p is c o p a lia n s .1’-—K .; L. B.

m how is it th a t you have worn the knees of your pants so much faster th an the rest of th em ?” “Uncle, I have worn them out praying for you, th a t God would make you a C hristian” ; and then the tears came, of course. Nothing more was said, but the uncle put his arm around th e hoy, and drew him close to his breast, and in a little while was bending his knees to th e same Saviour. When we wear our clothes th in in praying for others we shall not find it hard to speak to them if th e op­ po rtu n ity - occurs.-li'From Howard W. Pope, in his “ 2 Tim. 2:15.”

GYPSY SMITH’S SOUK WINNING Perhaps the strongest love of a friend is th a t which impels him to speak to another of his Saviour. As a ru le it is easy to speak to those for whom we have often prayed. Gypsy Smith tells us th a t when he was con­ verted he immediately became anxious for the conversion of his uncle. Among gypsies it was not considered proper for children to address th e ir elders on the subject of duty; and so the boy Just prayed, and waited for God to open th e way. One day his uncle noticed a hole in his trousers, and said, “Rodney,

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Will The Church Go Out of Business?

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| A LL th a t the Church has today is its message. Silence th at, and the = | I \ Christian Church goes out of business. Let th a t ring clear and | I ^ true, and you may burn down every church and wipe out all the = | elaborate machinery th a t has been built about it, you may strip g 1 it of its wealth and numbers and influence, bu t if it still have left a voice to 5 | tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love, it remains in possession of all | | th a t it ever had and of all th a t it needs to bring th e lost world back to God. ,§ I This is all the Church ever had. It has sought much else, and often its = 1 search has been successful, bu t sooner or later it has discovered th a t what it g I sought outside of its message was fools’ gold. It has sought th e patronage“ | = and protection of th e state only to learn th a t a state-fed church cannot save = I a lost world. It has sought numbers and wealth and scholarship,, only t6 f = discover th a t w ithout the message these are mere straw assets. It has sought g | to build stately churches and imposing cathedrals, and it has seen them be- = I come the tombs of religion, w ithout th e Gospel.— Dr. Jam es I. Vance. I

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It is said th a t “ h allelu jah ” is the one word th a t is common to all lan­ guages. So far as we know, it is never tran slated ; but, instead is tran sferred into th e books for th e use of all races. No doubt it is a word th a t strayed away from heaven and the saved will doubt­ less continue its use up there. Halle­ lujah! R egeneration does not ju stify ; ju s­ tification does not regenerate. J u sti­ fication cancels guilt. Regeneration cleanses and renews the fallen nature. The two acts are inseparable and occur a t the same tim e through th e same act of faith. The blood of Christ— (1) Redeems from th e bondage of sin (Eph, 1 :7 ). (2) Releases from the gu ilt of sin (Acts 10:43-). (3 ) Reconciles from the effects of sin (Rom. 5 :1 0 ). We all need Him. Adam behind a tr e e ,:N athanael under a tree, Zachaeus in a tree, all needed salvation through the Man “ on the tre e ”— “The Man, Christ ¡Jesus, who gave H imself a ran ­ som for all.” A question th a t can be answered: “W hat must I do to be saved?” • “ Be­ lieve on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou sh alt be saved” (Acts 1 6 :31 ), for “ Christ died for our sins—-buried^— rose again, according to the Scriptures” (1 Cor. 15:3, 4). A question th a t can never b«r answered: “How shall we escape if we NEGLECT so g reat sal­ vation?” (Heb. 2 :3 ). T here are 90 passages in th e Old Testament directly referring to the Holy Spirit. There are 263 in the New. God’s love for all (Jn. 3 :1 6 ). Good news for all (Lk. 2 :1 0 ). Go tell it to all (Mk. 16 :15 ).

The scrip tu ral account of creation is contained in th e first 34 verses of th e Bible. In this ancient and divine record w ritten 3500 years ago and never improved or corrected, “ and ” occurs nearly 100 times, intim ating successive acts of creatorial power— th e death blow to evolution, which, afte r all, is only a process, never an originating cause. There are few words in common use th a t are a t once more meaningful and meaningless th a n th e little word “Amen.” It ought never to be mean­ ingless. In itself it is full of a beauti­ ful significance. It is simply a way of saying, ’’Let it be so !” The Chinese rendering of it is, “The h eart wishes exactly so !” The publishing business every Chris­ tia n ’s business—Acts 13:49. F irst m issionary repo rt meeting— Acts 14:27. F irs t recorded battle between law and grace in the early church—Acts 15. The program of th e church for this ag e—Acts 15:14. F irs t convert in Europe— Acts 16: 14. Conversion of Europe began on a river bank w ith a handful of praying women— v. 13. The root of th e first antagonism to the Gospel in Europe was mercenary— Acts 16:19. P aul and Silas prayed, praised and preached in prison—Acts 16:25. The tru e nobility— comprised of those who p atiently examine th e Scrip­ tu res—Acts 17:11. The two strings th a t P aul always harped upon—Acts 17:18.

Individual Responsibility Evangelist Charles H. Harrington Reminds Us That It Means Something to be Christians

is danger in these days ig th ing s” when we are ig of crowds, and large nces, of losing sight of

we are to h ear God’s messages we must be in tune. Jesus, when He received th e answer to His prayer, in J o h n '12, “heard God”— some said it thundered, others th a t an angel spoke to Him, bu t He heard the Voice, because He was in tune. May it be ours to h ear when God speaks. But perhaps the most im portant of all is th e fact th a t we must account for our time. W hat are we doing? We have tim e for everything b u t Bible reading and prayer, and yet these are th e g reat­ est assets of th e Christian life. The men th a t are fired w ith a passion for souls are Bible readers, and spend much tim e in prayer. God thought tim e so precious th a t He gave It to us in h ea rt beats, and th e marvel of it is th a t our prayers are h eard and answered, and the reason must be be­ cause th e Cross is above th e Mercy Seat. The g reatest asset in th e life of Jesus was prayer, and when I th ink about it, what pictures come to my mind. I see th e word of Ezekiel 22:30, “ I sought for a man among them—• * * th a t would stand in th e gap,” and then, th ere comes the picture of Abraham standing in th e gap for Lot, Gen. 18: 22-30. Moses -standing in th e gap for Israel, “Yet now if thou w ilt forgive th eir sin— ;if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou h ast w rit­ te n ,” Ex. 32:32. Then Jesu s th e G reat “Gap-Stander,” John 17. W hat sug­ gestions, w hat pictures they bring. Thank God we may be gap-standers. Many a m other’s boy has been brought back home from the dead, into sp irit­ u al life through prayer—-those people out th e re dead in trespasses and sins. But, alas, we are too busy picking blackberries by the road side. Too busy running afte r religious quacks

th e individual and his terrific responsi­ bility. I have come to believe th a t God is not concerned w ith th e crowd. He is w ith th e individual, and we should be w illing to face our responsibility, for whether we will or not, some day we must. Romans 14:12, “So th en everyone of us shall give account of himself to God.” We may shun th e responsibility in th e work of evangelism for different reasons, but, nakedly bare as to charac­ ter, we will stand before God. It is a m ighty im po rtan t th ing to be living, and Matthew 13:30 tells us why. Indeed, some may th ink th a t Heaven, and the angels, are concerned about our social position, our wealth, our cu ltu re; bu t these will only be a memory, and the angel will not come and look for our record on the tomb­ stone. It is well to stop and think. Yes, th ink hard, th a t we must give an ac­ count to God, first for our S igh t: The first entrance of sin, into th e human fam ily was th rough eye­ sight. Gen. 3:6, “When th e woman saw th a t the tree was good for food,” and Achan confessed to Joshua, “When I saw ,” Joshua 7 :21 ; and if th ere should be pictures on th e walls of mem­ ory, th a t were b etter blotted out, do not blame any one bu t yourself. No picture is th ere' b u t th a t, some tim e or other, you looked at it. We must give an account to God for our H earing: “Take heed therefo re how ye h ear,” Luke 8:18. We do not often do It, bu t it would be well to th ank God for the blessing of hearing, and if

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S me one h ou r?” I fear Jesus often stands by the bedside of th e sleepy Christian w ith the same rebuke. Oh, if P eter had kept awake to tell us of th a t hour. The responsibility is ours. The need is great. The first testimony God gives of Paul is, “Behold, he p rayeth," Acts 9:11. Millions now living are already dead. They cannot pray for them ­ selves. They are , waiting for your prayers and mine. God help us to be awake to the need of th e hour, and, looking out on th e throng rushing through Babylon, may we, like Jesus, be moved w ith compassion, and pray. “All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive,” Matt. 21:22. “ If ye ask anything in my name, I will do it,” John 14:14. Go now, ask in Jesu s’ name,\ for here is another gracious promise, “And whatso­ ever ye shall ask in my name th a t will I do, th a t th e F ath e r may be glorified in th e Son,” John 14:13. God help us to be gap-standers. —By Dr. A. C. Dixon, Baltimore th a t they m ight see “ th e fire th a t is not quenched,” and “ the worm th a t dieth no t.” It was Jesus who did this — not Milton nor some medieval monk. And He did it because love prompted H im to be faithful and tell th e whole tru th . He went into every departm ent of human life, from the cook mixing the meal in th e kitchen to the king on his throne inviting to his son’s m ar­ riage, th a t He m ight get an illu stra­ tion, a handle by which th e people m ight take hold of th e tru th . Let us come after Jesus in His methods. a s

576 ■with th e ir cure-all theories, th a t prom­ ise a remedy for every ill of flesh and sp irit, who th ink they are rig h t and all else wrong. But, “Thou man of God, th e re is death in th e pot,” 2 Kings 4:40. When we th ink th a t m illions now liv­ in g are already dead,— dead in tre s­ passes and sins, it is tim e to awake. Why w ait un til th e boat is sinking? Why w ait un til th e storm is furious, as Jonah did? Why w ait until the sailors cry, “W hat meanest thou, O sleeper? Arise, call upon thy God, if so be th a t God will th ink upon us, th a t we perish no t” ? Jonah 1:6. Jesus prayed night and morning. Yes, before everything th a t He undertook, and if He needed to pray, how much more do we! Do you w ant the high tide of prayer in th e Old Testam ent? Read of Jacob and th e man w ith whom he w restled. (A man, not an ang el). Gen. 32:23-31. Then read th e high tide of prayer in the New Testament. Matt. 26:36- 46. Jesus in th e garden; and th e sad th ing about it is, He found the disciples asleep, “What, could ye not watch w ith Points for Fishermen OME ye afte r me,” says Jesus, “ and I will make you to be­ come fishers of men.” Jesus had various methods of soul winning. He preached to the great m ultitude. He talked w ith the indi­ vidual. In th e temple and synagogue He spoke to th e godly and religious. He went into th e streets, th e m arkets and the lanes proclaim ing the gospel to the wicked and irreligious. He opened th e gates of Heaven, th a t He m ight entice His people into the F a th e r’s house. He opened the gates of Hell, jS'fc a »

-¿¡fc a s


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