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INSIDE: • Walking Away from Back Pain Does going for a walk sound like a big pain in the back? For those who struggle with chronic back pain, even the basic task of going for a walk can be overwhelming and painful. (continued inside)

• Fixing Your Stride

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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

BENTON Physical Therapy

MALVERN Physical Therapy

PRO-ACTIVE Physical Therapy BRYANT PRO-ACTIVE Physical Therapy BRYANT

BENTON Physical Therapy

MALVERN Physical Therapy


INSIDE: • Fixing Your Stride

• Patient Success Spotlight • Exercise Essentials


Walking your Way Pain Free Walking is a great form of exercise, but more than that, it is a necessity of life. When you can’t walk, even basic tasks become complicated. Getting out of bed in the morning, getting to and from work, moving your way around the office, and even spending time with family on the weekends all rely heavily on your ability to walk. When your back pain begins to interfere with your ability to move around freely, then you know it is time to start doing something about it. Conveniently, walking is more than a goal when it comes to back pain, it could be part of the solution. Working with a physical therapist to develop improved strategies and techniques with your walking could help you to get back on your feet even sooner than you thought possible. What’s more, for those who are able to walk, getting on your feet more often with targeted exercises could help you find relief from back pain even sooner than expected. Look inside to learn more about our programs and say good-bye to your aching back.

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Back pain can strike at any time. Whether in the upper back, surrounding the neck and shoulders, or in the lower back at the lumbar or sciatica, back pain is something that no one likes to deal with for too long. Relying on pain medications to help you overcome back pain will leave you disappointed. While pain medications are frequently helpful at alleviating the discomfort of your back pain for a short period of time, they are not capable of resolving the issue that is causing your pain to develop in the first place. The only thing that can actually fix your back pain is addressing the issue that is causing your pain head on. Physical therapy is a great resource for addressing your back pain and can be a helpful tool in getting you back on your feet. So, whether it is following a sudden injury or a chronic issue that has developed over time, physical therapy could be the answer to helping you enjoy life free of back pain. And the secret to success is learning to approach recovery one step at a time.



When you are experiencing regular back pain— especially if you are experiencing back pain while walking—you should consider ways that you can reduce back pain by taking small steps to support your back. There are several things that you can do at home to improve your stride, which can make a significant difference when it comes to managing back pain day-to-day. Here are several ways that you can start taking care of your back with each step you take:

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1. Make sure that you are wearing the right types of shoes. While the golden rule for walking is to wear sneakers, not all sneakers are created equally. You need to wear a sneaker that is going to provide you with the arch support that meets your individual needs. This may mean upgrading fromyourminimalsupportsneaker tosomethingmoreathleticallydesigned. 2. Try a custom insert in your shoe. Of course, you can’t wear sneakers all the time. When you are at the office, professional footwear matters. You may find it helpful to have custom orthotics made for your work shoes so that you can have more arch support around the clock. 3. Work on improving your posture. If you are slouching when you walk, then that may be impacting the way that your back feels. Take a few minutes in the morning and again in the afternoon to stretch your back, and then make a point of keeping your shoulders square and your back straight as you walk. Simply standing tall may alleviate some of your back pain.


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Exercise Essentials Try this movement if you are experiencing leg pain.


INGREDIENTS • 1lb ground beef • 1 medium onion • 1 medium green pepper • 1 medium cabbage

Helps Relieve Leg Pain

• 1(10 ounce) can Rotel tomatoes and green chilies • 1(10 ounce) can cheddar cheese soup • Salt and pepper

HAMSTRING STRETCH Stand with one leg on a medium sized stool as shown. Keeping your back straight, slowly lean forwards from the hips

INSTRUCTIONS Chop the onion and green pepper. Slice the cabbage. In a large pan, brown the ground beef with the onions and peppers. Drain and remove from pan. Put the sliced cabbage in the pan; add the Rotel tomatoes. Cook on medium heat until cabbage is tender. Add the meat mixture to the cabbage and stir well. Stir in the cheese soup until well blended. Cover and cook over low heat for at least 1 and half hours maybe longer. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Patient Success Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Ashtyn Lane Administrative Assistant

Ashtyn is a current resident of Benton, AR. She has a sister, brother and an adorable nephew that she loves to spoil. Ashtyn is a huge animal lover, and likes to donate her time at the local animal shelter. In her spare time she likes spending time with her friends and playing with her dog Jettson. One day she would love to take a trip to watch wild horses

run. Ashtyn has been with us since February, 2017. She started with us as a therapy technician and worked her way into our front office.

When asked what her favorite part of the job is she says:

Being able to hold and play with my newborn daughter means EVERYTHING! “Thank you for all your help. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Being able to hold and play with my newborn daughter means EVERYTHING!” – Josh D.

“Helping our patients and getting to see how thankful they are when they recover” - Ashtyn Lane

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