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Oversized Fan An oversized, VFD controlled fan (instead of sin- gle speed) provides high volume, forced airflow recirculation (minimum of 16 air changes). Plug fan shown. Other styles available:

Supply Ducts Two-sided knife style supply ducts with slots provide uniform airflow and greater breakpoint control.

Jack Shaft Damper System Dampers are positioned and controlled together with a jack shaft system rather than using chains that stretch out over time and cause the dampers to go out of position from each other.

Airflow Control Features

Fusion Tech ovens come standard with the following airflow control features, shown in red. • Knife Style Hinged Supply Ducts • Hinging Lowered Return Duct • Radius (Coved) Corners • Jack Shaft Damper System • Oversized Fan Controlled by VFD

• Forward Curve Fan • Reverse Curve Fan

CIP Sanitary Spray Balls Sanitary spray balls in the supply & return ducts, and fan housing provide 360° cleaning of the duct work.

Damper Access Port Access the dampers from outside the oven for ease of tuning if ever needed. Good for certifying the oven.

Maintenance Features

Hinged Supply & Return Ducts Hinged supply and return ducts allow for easy maintenance access, inspection, and manual cleaning of all ducting.

Fusion Tech ovens come standard with the following maintenance friendly features, shown in green.

• Damper Access Port • Vacuum Door Seals • Psychrometer Pan Port • Hinged Supply & Return Ducts • Fixed Return Airflow • Jack Shaft Damper System

Door Flush to Face Door is flush to the face of the oven cabinet, eliminating bacteria harboring points. Air bladder seals provide a superior seal than compression seals. Psychrometer Pan Port Access the psychrometer pan and wet / dry bulb through an access panel in the return duct. Replace the wet sock in seconds with this no tools required design. Get accurate humidity readings in return air as opposed to supply air. Lowered Return Duct V style Return duct is designed to lessen tur- bulence and air rotation. Flat return ducts do not allow air to return as efficiently as a V style return duct. No Slides on Return Duct Holes found in the return ducts eliminate the use of metal on metal slides, which causes bacteria growth and makes it easier to balance the oven.

Seal Welded Seams TIG Welded wall skins prevent the build up of bacteria found in ovens with seam gaskets.

Fusion Tech ovens come standard with the following cleaning and sanitation features, shown in blue. • Interior & Exterior Seal Welded Seams Cleaning & Sanitation Features

Rockwool Insulation Walls, roof, and doors are fully insulated with Rockwool insulation, that has an insulation rating up to 1,100° and is waterproof.

• No Slides on Return Duct • CIP Sanitary Spray Balls • Hinged Supply & Return Ducts

Stainless Steel Frame Heavy duty formed structural channels and angles provide a more robust structure.

Structural Features Fusion Tech ovens come standard with the following structural features, shown in light blue. • Rockwool Insulation • Heavy Duty Formed Structural

Vacuum Door Seals Provides quick deflation and reduces the potential of tearing by fully retracting the seal into a protective door channel. Removable lower face of the door allows for easy gasket replacement.

Radius (Coved) Corners Coved (or radius) corners enhance airflow velocity and reduce the degrading of the oven breakpoint as air moves down the walls and across the floor of the oven. They also prevent the build up and sitting of fluids in the corners of the oven.

Diamond Floor Plate Oven floors are constructed of heavy duty stainless steel diamond floor plate for safety.

• Diamond Floor Plate • Door Flush to Face



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