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CIP Skid

The CIP Skid is a high capacity, clean-in-place tank and pumping system designed to efficiently and effectively clean and sanitize your Fusion Tech oven. Customer supplied fresh water fills the CIP Skid tank through the fresh water inlet. Sensors located at the top and bottom of the tank read water pressure, temperature, and level, and safety switches shut the system down if the water level gets too high or too low, respectively. When a Clean Recipe is run on the oven control panel, water is pumped from the CIP Skid tank to the mixing pipe, where cleaning or sanitation chemical agents are metered into the fresh water stream to obtain the precise mixture you require.

CIP Skid Benefits: • Ensures correct cleaning and sanitation chemical doses • Chemicals are kept separate from clean water • High and low water sensors • Holds 600 gallons of fresh water • Read pressure and temperature on oven control panel • Easily connect cleaning and sanitation chemical containers

CIP Skid Tank Holds 600 gallons of fresh water to pump through system.

Steam Sparging Port (back) Add steam to the holding tank to increase to the desired temp range.

High Level Switch (back) Measures level of water in tank and shuts off incoming water when activated.

Gravity Fed Dosing Venturi effect adds cleaning and sanitation chemical into the line to be mixed with fresh water.

Reduce cleaning and sanitation time, optimize your cleaning process, and save money with the CIP Skid!

Chemical Container Shelf Holds cleaning and sanitation chemical containers while connected to the pumps.

Learn more at ftiinc.org/cipskid.




480 v / 60 hz / 3 phase / 15FLA

Main Pump

3 hp, 3600 RPM

Main Pump High powered pump moves water through the system and pushes it into the oven CIP system.

Height (top of tank)


Height (overall)






Temperature Sensors Measures temperature in the tank and the piping and displays on oven control panel. Can be used to activate steam sparging line to maintain desired temperature.

Low Level Switch (back) Measures level of water in tank and shuts off system when not enough water is present.



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