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The Art of Controlling the Breakpoint


The breakpoint, or the location where the high velocity and low velocity air streams collide and cut across the oven, is ultimately responsible for cooking your product.

Ovens with continuously rotating dampers (the most common on the market) do not allow you to focus the breakpoint air where you need it.

INCREASED PRODUCT YIELDS Customers report up to a 10% increase in product yields.

INCREASED CONSISTENCY Product cooks evenly, giving you greater consistency.

A Fusion Tech oven allows you to control the location and duration of the breakpoint in the oven, giving you the ability to evenly cook or dehydrate product on your racks. We designed every aspect of our ovens, from the supply and return ducts to the radiuses along the oven walls, to optimize and control the oven breakpoint. You won’t find this level of breakpoint control in any other oven on the market.

BETTER PRODUCT COLOR Consistent cooking results in better product coloring.

DECREASE COOK TIME Customers have reported up to a 35% decrease in cook time.

When every piece of product cooks evenly, consistent texture and coloring is possible and your overall yields will increase.

Oven Airflow shown with Fusion Tech’s Total Flow Control® technology — ultimate control over the location and duration of the oven breakpoint.

Learn more in our Oven Breakpoint Guide found at ftiinc.org/breakpoint.



10% Increase in Yields up to

28% Increase in Consistency up to

35% Decrease in Cook Time up to

Vertical and Horizontal airflow can be created in a single oven.

Set the breakpoint location and duration to 1 of 11 zones.

Alleviate Hot & Cold Spots

The standard oven on the market creates a cold spot in the top middle of the rack and hot spots on the bottom corners — giving you darker, drier product in the hot spots and lighter, less dry product in the cold spots.

Fusion Tech ovens allow you to control the location and duration of the airflow, alleviating hot and cold spots in the oven and cooking a consistent product.



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