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With back-to-school season in full swing, we have a few kiddos who are entering new chapters of their lives: Casimir, Kahlyriah, and Tayla. Kahlyriah will be a freshman at Cornell College, Casimir will be a sophomore at Stroudsburg High School, and Tayla will be a freshman at Pleasant Valley Middle School. They’re all going to begin various stages of their lives, but they will face some similar hurdles. While the challenges they experience may be a little different from the ones you face in physical therapy, you can approach them the same way. Kahlyriah will be heading off to Cornell College. It's one of the top colleges in the nation, and we’re all very excited for her, hoping she has a great start. It’s especially significant because Cornell was the first college in the United States where a woman received a bachelor's degree. She will study sociology and participate on the college’s basketball team. We bet she’s more excited to hit the court than hit the books! Tayla will experience something new this year: It will be the first time she’s required to move from class to class within her schedule. While she’s eagerly anticipating her new classes, she’s especially passionate about

cheerleading. Tayla is also a huge fan of music. We’re all very excited for her.

will go a long way.

Casimir, now in his second year of high school, competes on the cross country team, plays in the marching and jazz bands, and participates in the Technology Student Association. He’s excited to see a lot of his friends again and can’t wait to find out what’s in store for him in the new school year. He’s a very bright kid, so we can only imagine what he will accomplish in the coming months. These three must learn how to handle the changing circumstances of their new environments, much like beginning physical therapy. Depending on the situation, you may feel some pressure when starting your physical therapy journey. It’s an unfamiliar setting for most, and you may be in some level of pain or feeling frustrated. Do you remember the first time you stepped into a new classroom on the first day of college, junior high, or high school? Entering that unknown space alone can be stressful and frustrating. The good news is you can handle your first day at physical therapy in the same fashion that you approached the first day of school — however long ago that may have been. Keeping an open mind

Remember what you’re working toward because this can help when

you’re feeling frustrated or are worried your progress is advancing more slowly than you anticipated. In school, when you focused on the grade you wanted to receive at the end of the semester, it drove you to push through all the tedious homework. Similarly, people going through physical therapy can, at times, become frustrated with the process. But when they focus on the activities they loved participating in before their injury, this is often the driving force they need to keep going with their heads held high. If you can remember those little things when you find yourself in a new environment, whether you’re walking into Mrs. Jones’ science class or through the front doors of Maximum Solutions, you’re going to have a much more enjoyable experience. And, if you have children heading into the next chapters of their lives, let us know! We love swapping parenting stories and advice with all of our clients. –Latrice Miller-Carter

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