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APRIL 2020

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We’d poked holes in the ammunition for our cap guns, pouring out the small amount of gunpowder inside into an empty prescription bottle. Next, we rolled rice paper around pencils to get the right shape, poured the gunpowder into our paper tubes, and sealed the end. My brother and I were making our own firecrackers, and to this day, it has remained one of many favorite childhood memories. While the Fourth of July is still ages away, we do have a holiday coming up that seems to be getting more traction thanks to social media: Siblings Day. I think it’s great people are taking the time to show their appreciation for their brothers and sisters — it’s something we can often forget to do in day-to-day life. So, I wanted to take the time to shout out my own little brother and highlight what he’s taught me over the years. The first thing you have to know about my brother is he’s sharp as a whip. We both went to the University of Houston, but he definitely got better grades than I did. Now he’s the chief technical officer at Cherry Companies, crushing concrete and getting to take part in the occasional demolition. I guess those old days making fireworks stuck with him. I’m proud to say that he and I have always been close. Heck, one Halloween when I was 10 and he was around 6, my brother got on my shoulders and we donned our dad’s bathrobe. He had a painted-on mustache, and we walked around the neighborhood as an “adult.” He was even sure to say, “Good

evening, sir (or madam)” rather than “Trick or treat!” Good times.

go first while I stayed at the house by myself. When he came back, I’d locked up the house but forgot to give him the keys. Just slipped my mind. So, I got back two hours later after riding around in the Arizona countryside to find my brother sitting out in 100-plus degree heat. He’d have been within his right to slug me for that, but he didn’t. In fact, he’s never once brought this incident up. I still feel horrible about it to this day, but my brother just let the incident roll off his back. I can’t help but admire his kindness. Thankfully, my brother and I are still close to this day. He even lives on the same block as me! I’m glad we still get to see each other often, especially as we face the new challenge of looking after our aging parents. Growing older can be tough, but it helps to have a great friend and brother by your side.

But more than his smarts or sense of humor, my brother has taught me what it means to be a kind and forgiving soul. I just wish I could have learned this lesson under better circumstances. Just before I was set to head overseas with the Navy, my brother and I decided to take one last trip down to our grandparents’ house outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. The drive itself was an ordeal. Without any GPS or Google maps, my navigation was not the greatest. I remember passing San Antonio and thinking we were almost there. We ended up spending a night outside a small-town gas station (24-hour pumps were unheard of back then), but even then, my brother never lost his patience.

Here’s to all we can learn from our siblings,

The real test was when we took out our grandparents’ four-wheeler. I let my brother

–Bra nnon Lloyd

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