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9t h Apr i l 2020



The children at St Cadoc'sPr imary School have been busy creat ing wonderful piecesof art for you to lift your spir its! Their teacher Elayne tells us they were on amission to make everyone smile, and they're hoping that their artworkswill do the t r ick. Elayne says if anyone wants to reply with their own artwork and/or amessage the children will be thr illed, as

We are thr illed to int roduce you to our first MindforYou Act ivit ies Leaflet .We realise everybody is finding self isolat ion and lock down challenging and we wanted to send you all our love . Everybody at MindforYou hasbeen thinking hard about some new act ivit ies, useful skillsand wayswe can help you build some new fr iendships , to help one another through this st range new wor ld. You will find some ext ra gifts, specially for you, and we really hope you enjoy them. We really want to find out how you are keeping yourself amused, share act ivit ies you find usefuland help you build new fr iendshipswith the children fromSt CadocsPr imary School and our other guests. Please use our stamped addressed envelope to get in touch.We plan to send another Act ivit iesLeaflet in 2 weeks t ime.

they were so excited about sending them out to you all. Send them in our stamped addressed envelope they would love to hear from you.


Some of usat MindforYou are keen gardenersand with the beaut iful weather and the evenings get t ing longer, we thought its the perfect t ime to begin your own indoor greenhouse. So, get your green fingersout ! In your envelope you'll find some seeds for you to begin growing.We'd love to hear how your are progressing, see pictures of your germinat ing plantsand maybe themealsyou've created with them. The seeds in the picture above areCarol's and she has kept them in her conservatory where they're thr iving, but make sure you keep themwatered! Perhapswe'll even have a compet it ion in later newslet ters to see who can grow the biggest marrow...


Emma x



We at MindforYou live all over the UK and have alwaysused video calling to speak to one another and make sure we have organised and planned your holidays to the highest possible standard. So, we thought we might int roduce you to ZOOM. Why ZOOM? Well it has the best quality picture and sound for group video calling . Its the systemwe have been using and its what schoolsare now using to teach children at home. It isFREE, safe and can be used on any phone, tablet or computer. So, if you want to take up the challenge you will need aSMART phone, iPad, or computer. However, the bigger the screen the bet ter the exper ience. Carol has created 3 setsof simple step by step inst ruct ions for any phone table or computer.

We're going back to the good old daysand encouraging you all to pick up your pensand t ry your hand at wr it ing a let ter to someone else who's self isolat ing.Wr ite about anything at all! Add jokes, drawings, quizzes, and send it back to us in the stamped addressed envelope provided.We will forward your let ters to othersand wait for a response! Please don't include your addresson your let ter, but don't forget to sign it so they know your name.


We thought we would share thissuper App set up by the scient istsat Kings College London to help medical science and the NHSto bet ter understand Coronavirus. It allows you to help others, but doesnot give you health advice. By self report ing your symptomsdaily you can help slow the outbreak and ident ify those at r isk sooner. If you would like to get involved then download the COVID Symptom t racker App on your phone, ipad, tablet or pc using your App store.


Mindf orYou1

We're post ing act ivit iesdaily on facebook

A summary of all the different act ivites can be found on our website

1. Downloading Zoom

m indf or you.co.uk / act ivi t ycent re

2. Set t ingUp Zoom

MindforYou are working to establish some remote act ivit ieswe can do together using ipadsor computers. Thank you to everybody who hasgiven us feedback and who are helping us to get it up and going.We have even been speaking to a group in Colorado who are running a virtual dement ia cafe to get some hintsand t ips. If you are interested in get t ing involved or want to find out what we are planning to do please just get in touch with us.

3.Making your first Zoom call

These can be found on our act ivit ies cent re on our website. Looking forward to ZOOMingwith you.


Now more than ever we want to keep in touch. Pop us something in our stamped addressed envelope, send usan email or pick up the phone,we would love to hear from you.

01509 351008

inf o@m indf or you.co.uk

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