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JUNE 2019

IT’S THE BEST TIME OF YEAR: National Fishing Week!

Ever since I met my husband, Jep, I’ve had a real affinity for fishing. I’m fairly positive Jep learned how to fish before he even learned how to ride a bike. While I tried my hand at fishing a few times as a kid, it wasn’t until I witnessed Jep's love for the hobby that I became immersed in it myself. Now I can’t get enough! While any day spent out on the river or the lake makes for a good time, deep sea fishing is far and away my favorite. The first time I went fishing was on our honeymoon a little over 10 years ago. After Jep and I said our “I do’s,” we hopped on a plane to Cabo and chartered a boat named “The Minerva” — named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, the arts, and strategic warfare, a name which now seems fitting after all the good fortune and fun it has brought us. In fact, we’ve now ventured back to the same location and chartered the exact same boat for three separate trips!

The two trophy fish we caught during our Cabo trips were a blue striped marlin and a sailfish (both pictured). People often ask me if Jep and I took the fish

back and mounted them at home, but an interesting deep-sea fishing fact is that the ginormous fish you see mounted on a wall isn’t the actual fish they pulled out of the water but a replica. We spent hours reeling in these beautifully monstrous fish, took a quick picture, and then sent them back out to sea.

Our excursions always start several hours before the sun makes its ascent into the sky. Just before you get to the docks, you can grab delicious, authentic Mexican tacos, breakfast burritos, or pastry from the trucks nearby before

“You can peer over the side of the boat to see full pods of silver illuminated by the sun as it starts to peek over the horizon. It’s relaxing, breathtaking, and exciting all at once.”

We did, however, bring several mahi back to shore with us. Since we were flying internationally, the prospect of bringing the fish home was unlikely, so per custom, we donated the mahi to a local restaurant, but not before we asked the chef to cook us some for dinner. We thought he would simply grill a few pieces and pair them with some sides, but he created an entire platter with the mahi cooked several different ways. It would have made for an amazing meal for anyone, but we were particularly satisfied since we caught it ourselves. While we will always do our best to return to Cabo, we’ve also had great luck catching yellow tuna in the Florida Keys. But since Jep and I are happily awaiting the arrival of our second baby, we know that our next deep-sea fishing adventure is a little way off. When the time comes for another fishing trip, I know we’ll both have a blast!

taking to the sea. Once aboard “The Minerva,” the driver and his first mate give you options for your fishing experience: inshore fishing (approximately a mile out from the docks) and offshore fishing (several miles out where the bigger fish are located). Our trips always start with some brief inshore fishing to catch smaller fish to use as bait once we get further offshore. During this time, you can peer over the side of the boat to see full pods of silver illuminated by the sun as it starts to peek over the horizon. It’s relaxing, breathtaking, and exciting all at once.

–Dr.Shel ly

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