Sandwell College Employers Guide


Learners aged 19 years plus remain on benefits while on the SWAP, there is no direct cost to any employer and all expenses such as travel, PPE and childcare are covered. The benefits of taking on a SWAP: • A bespoke flexible programme can be tailored to your recruitment needs and vacancies. • It is a free recruitment tool for quality candidates available for work • It is a tool to recruit staff with the right training and skills through a fully funded training programme. • Reduces the risk within the process of recruiting new staff • An opportunity to provide work experience placements for potential staff to ensure they are suitable SWAPS we offer: Construction, Sia Door Security, Health and Social Care, Early Years Care, Mental Health Awareness, Customer Services, Business Administration, Automotive, Hospitality, Office Practices Funding for Employers: The SWAP is a free recruitment tool that sources, upskills and retrains individuals to succeed in the workplace. The bespoke funding package of training can be up to £1000 with a free recruitment service and support through to a job start.



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