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2 Tactics That Will Create Loyal Employees Create a Culture of Love inYour Company

Company growth is the top priority for many entrepreneurs. If a business stagnates, it will eventually fail. However, when leaders focus solely on finding the best ways to reach new customers, they often overlook an integral part of running a cohesive company. While an operational-minded approach will do wonders for the efficiency of your business, behind every company’s success are the employees who made it possible. That’s why this Valentine's Day is the perfect time to create a culture of love in your company. Family One of the best things you can do is invest in what matters most to your employees: their families. A familiar problem for many business owners is that their families can fall by the wayside amid the complications of running an organization. Your employees can also face this struggle. The chaos of trying to raise children while balancing a career and a personal life is a significant stressor. As the leader of your company, you can help ease these burdens. A date night for an anniversary, spontaneous time off, or even added vacation time

are all simple gestures that go a long way to create a company culture where your employees feel loved. Autonomy A dangerous pitfall for many entrepreneurs is developing a detachment between their own work life and the work lives of their team members. During the growth of the business, owners can fall into the age-old employee-boss mindset, and that hierarchy often creates a rigid environment. The moment an employee starts to look at their manager as a boss is also when they start to see their work as a job rather than a career they’re excited about. Trust and autonomy are essential to developing a productive professional relationship, and offering your employees remote work, flexible schedules, and the freedom to take control of their workdays are great ways to establish reciprocal relationships and foster entrepreneurial mindsets.

Try some of these tactics at your company this February to create a culture of love where your employees and customers thrive.

‘The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity’

Edwene Gaines’ Story of Success Through Spiritual Focus

Nearly 50 years ago, Edwene Gaines had reached her breaking point. She and her young daughter were living in a one- bedroom apartment and eating peanut butter and crackers as meals. Gaines was employed at two jobs and had credentials that should have set her up for financial success, but she was still sharing a bed with her young daughter and wondering how she was going to afford their next meal. Something had to change. A year later, Gaines was making $100,000 a year, running successful businesses, and owned her own lavish home. She and her daughter no longer worried about how they would get their next meal.

The laws encourage readers to harness and abide by spirituality-prospering guidelines in order to obtain wealth and the fulfilled lifestyle they are seeking. The laws Gaines outlines are the following: • Give 10 percent of your income to the person or place where you receive your “spiritual nourishment.” • Set attainable goals. • Forgive others and yourself. • Discover what your passion and purpose is, and pursue it wholeheartedly. Gaines’ story of prosperity through spiritual well-being and focus teaches us to accept a solution to our financial woes through our own means. Gaines, a certified Unity Minister, gives readers an intimate insight into how her entire life has changed by following these laws and how they too can incorporate these laws and change their own lives. Her incredible story shows that anyone can make it out of their own situation to find prosperity and peace. To learn more about Gaines’ book or to learn more about her story, visit Gaines’ book is also available on Amazon and through Kindle.

But Gaines’ turn of fortune wasn’t born out of luck; she did it by following the four guidelines for spirituality and self-improvement. Gaines learned these through her experiences, and while she claims to not have created the set of laws, she has compiled them together in her book, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.”

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