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Hello, everyone. This month, we want to write this letter together to highlight some very important and delicate topics. Since this pandemic began, we have been working hard to secure our communities and protect our residents, staff, and their families from COVID-19. We’re proud to report that we have not had a COVID-19-related death in any of our five communities, and that is

precautions. Linda has been at the forefront of this movement. We’ve introduced microSURE cleaning agents to all our communities. As readers learned in our June letter, this organic cleaner uses layers of crystalized silicon dioxide “spikes” to create a lasting physical defense on any surface so no germs can grow on that surface. Our employees are required to put on a layer of the microSURE protectant, which lasts for eight hours, prior to their shifts and just before leaving. (This protects them and their families from anyone they come into contact with outside of work.) In our communities, we add a protective layer of microSURE to all surfaces in the building— yes, that means we’re even cleaning under residents’ beds, on their shelves, and in their bathrooms — and we use microSURE in our laundry as well. In addition to our extensive sanitation routines, we take the temperatures of our staff at least three times each day, ask them medical questions regularly, and use hygiene protectants, like gloves and masks. We’ve also established quarantine protocols for new residents who join our facilities during this strange time. They have a very comfortable suite, and we meet their needs in the same way as any other resident. These initiatives have worked and will continue to work as long as we maintain them. As we prepare to welcome you back into our residents’ homes, we’re still coordinating with state officials on best practices, and we’ve committed to going beyond that. We’ve already committed to purchasing spray booths — you may have seen them use microSURE by the NFL’s Denver Broncos on ESPN. While use of the booth will be optional, it is strongly recommended you to take advantage of

thanks, in no small part, to the dedication of our staff and the patience and understanding of our residents’ families. Because of the pandemic, family meals have been replaced with window visits and photos have had to fill in for in-person smiles. It hasn’t been easy, but we are so proud of the commitment you have made to your loved ones and those we serve in our communities. As various states have loosened their restrictions and the public has become fluid in their safety protocols, we’ve remained locked down and closed to outside visitors. We’ve been very nervous to open our facilities for regular in-person visits because we’ve witnessed turmoil at other care facilities (not associated with Memory Care America) as a result of restrictions being lifted without secure measures put in place to ensure safety. Some of these incidents have occurred in the very same regions we serve. Today, we can announce that you will be welcome in our Memory Care America communities once again very soon, but it is imperative that our safety protocols are followed and respected. Remember, when you enter one of our buildings, you are entering someone’s home. This is their safe place, and it’s our responsibility to keep it that way.

Since March, we have made it our prerogative to go beyond state and federally mandated safety

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Memory Care of Westover Hills Installs Life Stations for Resident Comfort Their Reality

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to burn fat, build muscle, and give yourself a better chance at a longer, healthier life. HIIT workouts are characterized by brief periods (30 seconds to a few minutes) of high-intensity exercise, followed by periods of low- or moderate-intensity exercise. However, what makes these workouts truly remarkable is just how much they can benefit people in every age group. According to Mayo Clinic research, HIIT workouts provide unique benefits to the body on a cellular level. The brief, vigorous exercises actually increase your metabolism and improve the health of mitochondria, the powerhouses that create energy within the cells. By energizing your cells, you can actually reverse the decline in muscle health that occurs as people age. Energizing cells through HIIT benefits everyone, but these workouts can be of particular benefit to those over age 65. Seniors experience diminishing returns on energy produced by their bodies at a cellular level, and HIIT has been shown to reverse that process even in advanced age. HIIT workouts also have many other advantages for people of all ages. The exercises don’t necessarily require any equipment, and you can even see results from adding high-intensity intervals to daily walks. Those with health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, can still participate in HIIT. In fact, Healthline reports that HIIT workouts can reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. However, the biggest draw to HIIT exercises is just how much of a timesaver they are. A few minutes of high-intensity movement can be just as beneficial as roughly 45 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. You can incorporate HIIT exercises into whatever activities you enjoy, such as walking, cardio exercises, and strength training. If you’re affected by weak joints, you can incorporate HIIT into lower impact exercises, such as swimming or cycling. If you want to feel energized while doing the things you love, then HIIT just might be something you want to try. Just remember to keep a steady pace and don’t overdo it! DOWHAT YOU LOVE AND KEEP YOUR BODY MOVING How HIIT Benefits People of All Ages

If you were to walk the halls of Memory Care of Westover Hills, you might see a mom reliving the moments of her child’s infancy or a man working with tools. For the residents of Memory Care of Westover Hills, these brief moments in the community’s Life Stations are a viable way for them to live in their own reality without anxiety, fear, or confusion. “When a resident has Alzheimer’s or dementia, they revert back to their younger days,” Executive Director Tawana McDaniel explains. “We started doing these stations right when the pandemic hit because we couldn’t take them to the activity room … This is an added activity, especially during a time when they are missing their families.”

The community has three stations built into its seating areas and has plans to add more environments. The first station is a nursery, complete with a crib, baby dolls, and strollers.

Residents who believe their child is an infant can relive these precious moments, and others who simply love kids have found peace sitting in the nursery.

For those who are higher functioning and like to work with their hands, the community has created a garage station, complete with safe tools and music. Those who like crafts can escape into their work while exercising their brains and memory. Finally, the last station is a music area. It includes a piano and an antique record player. The music station is especially powerful, Tawana says, because music can be therapeutic for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Studies have found that even the lowest-functioning dementia patients can sing along or hum to songs they first heard years earlier. “It never ceases to amaze us when we walk by these stations, and we actually see the residents making use of the space and enjoying the space,” Tawana says. “It fills you with joy to see. You know that this right here is really helping them get through this.” The community plans to create more stations, Tawana added, including an aromatherapy section. The addition of a new station and the success of the previous three are due, in no small part, to the dedication to resident care Tawana believes her entire team encompasses. “I am just blessed to have an amazing team at Memory Care of Westover Hills,” Tawana says. “We came together and came up with ideas. We all work together as a team to make it a reality.”

For the residents of Memory Care of Westover Hills, the stations offer a way to relive happy memories and engage in meaningful activities.

If you know of a family who could benefit from our services, like our Life Stations, don’t keep our work a secret! Referrals are the best compliment you can give us. Direct them to or find us on Facebook.


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

Summer Fun Residents Eat Ice Cream, Drink Soda, and Honor Special Days!

O ur residents’ smiles seem to make everything better! Here’s how our

Memory Care of Little Rock residents slurp down cool drinks for National Ice Cream Soda Day!

communities brought out those beautiful smiles with some summer fun!

Memory Care of Little Rock and Memory Care of New Braunfels had some of the best treats. Our residents in Little Rock enjoyed sweet drinks for National Ice Cream Soda Day. New Braunfels residents ate heaping bowls of cool ice cream for National Ice Cream Month.

Residents enjoy scrumptious ice cream at Memory Care of New Braunfels.

Memory Care of Naples honors America this Fourth of July!

Birthday parties were a big hit, too! Memory Care of

Our Memory Care of Westover Hills family celebrates a very special 99th birthday!

Naples honored America’s birthday with a Fourth of July celebration, while Memory Care of Westover Hills commemorated a very special 99th birthday.

And at Memory Care of Simpsonville , residents shared the fun by penning letters to their loved ones!

We love to keep the good times rolling, so don’t keep our work a secret! Referrals are the best compliment you can give us. Direct others to or find us on Facebook. Word Search

Residents at Memory Care of Simpsonville keep in touch with loved ones by writing letters.

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this extra layer of safety. We will require in-person meetings to take place in specialty rooms with plexiglass dividers that are regularly sanitized, and we ask that visitors still wear masks and undergo sanitation procedures. We will be asking visitors questions about their current state of health and taking their temperatures too. At the time we're writing this, we are still ironing out the details of a safe return for our families. This new style of engaging with your loved ones will be the new “normal” for a while, but our goal is to prioritize the safety of the people we serve each day and their families. We are devoted to continuing to provide the best care in town while offering our families the peace of mind they need throughout this dementia journey and during this pandemic. Please contact our communities with further questions on visitor protocol. Again, these options are still being developed, and as we’ve all learned, things can change rapidly.

Stay safe and be well.




–JimWalesa Managing Partner, Memory Care America –Linda Carrasco President, Memory Care America

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Enjoying your time outside can be hard when you also want indoor comforts. But why settle for just one when you can have the best of both worlds with an outdoor patio? Summer is a great time to make a plan to create or revamp your current patio into your dream patio. As with any home project, however, it can be overwhelming at first to design an entire space. If you’re not sure where to start, then here are some suggestions. No. 1: Determine the purpose. No two households are the same, and likewise, no two patios are used exactly the same way. Maybe you’d like to have a quiet, cozy spot in the mornings to listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy the weather, and take in a good book or podcast. Maybe you’d like to use your patio mainly to relax and breathe in the fresh air as you entertain guests. Or, maybe you need your patio to serve both purposes!

For example, if you want a cozy spot for your family to enjoy Sunday afternoon barbecues, then you’ll need enough space to set up your ideal outdoor cooking area as well as a dining area with the right amount of seating. Once you have the space in mind, you can accommodate and plan for changes. No. 3: Consider how to decorate. If your patio isn’t constructed yet (or if you’re reconstructing), then consider using fresh, great-looking patio pavers to complement your house’s exterior and invite you and your guests to step into the outdoors. Try to add interesting textures by using different materials. Slate, limestone, sandstone, and terra cotta paving slabs are very popular choices. Finally, decorate with planters, shade structures, and anything else you think will make your outdoor escape a little more comfortable.

No. 2: Plan the space in advance. This can be the hardest part for some, but you must keep two specific things in mind when planning your patio: the preferred size and any dream feature you’d like to include. If you can make these two work together, then you’ll be very satisfied with the results. Dream features can include a beautiful firepit, an elaborate brick design, a Jacuzzi, or a professional grilling station.


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

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