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The most widely known reference Bible in the English Language THE ScqfiM REFERENCE BIBLE This work o f reverent scholarship is acknowledged to be one o f the most helpful annotated editions o f the K ing James Version ever published. For clarity, simplicity, and

OXFORD BIBLE ATLAS Edited by H e rb e r t G. M ay with the assistance of R. W. H am il to n and G. N. S. H u n t A n extraord inary cartograph ic achievement in an authoritative, up- to-date reference work o f great beauty. There are 26 maps on 48 pages, all in five colors, with three- dimensional effect. • 144 pages • 73 photographs • Gazetteer • Special Articles • Historical Maps • Relief Maps • Rainfall Maps • Vegetation Maps • 7 % x 10% . inches Only $4.95 Concordance Bible 04994x — Levant Grain Calf, half circuit, simulated leather lining, round comers, red under gold edges. Family Record. Modified self­ pronouncing with 100,000 Chain References and all the words of Christ printed in red. Size: 5% x 8% , only 1" thick. B lack or R ed . $15.45 Oxford’s New Long Primer RED LETTER

17 For God sent not his Son into the aworld to ^condemn the world; but that the world through him might be csaved. 187x — Hand Grained Morocco, half circuit, leather lined, round cor­ ners. B lack , red under gold edges. B lu e , B r o w n , G r e e n , M a roon , R ed , gold edges. A superb gift. Only % " thick. $26.50 a koi (M ma inspiring help it is matchless in Available in many styles and bindings, such as — 172 — Moroccoette, limp, round corners, red under gold edges. $10.00 178x — French M orocco, limp, leather lined, round corners, gold edges, gold roll. Family record. B lack or R ed . Only % " thick. $ 20.00

These numbers are in the large size, 5 ^ x with Concordance, Dictionary o f Proper Names, Subject Index, and colored maps with indexed Atlas. f x indicates Bibles are printed on O xford Ultrathin India paper.)

Famous Scofield Features on

• Applicable notes and helps same page with text. • Complete system o f topical ref­ erences connects all the great themes o f the Scriptures. • C om p lete syn op sis o f each book. • Helps at difficult places.

• Definitions and explanations o f seeming discrepancies. • Chapter subheads. • Summaries • Chronology • Comprehensive Index. • A panoramic view o f the Bible.


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