King's Business - 1962-12



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First of all, God awakens our hearts to the need. We see the people next door, our neighbors down the street, relatives in distant cities. They may all be fine, moral people, yet without a knowledge of Jesus Christ . . . LOST! Your own home has been a testimony to them. Doubtless you have tried to speak of the Saviour in various ways. Yet you feel the urgent need to do some­ thing more, yearning to see them won to the Lord. There is a simple method by which they can be reached with the Gospel.

A t the Christmas season, publishers urge us to let friends and relatives know of our love by giving magazine subscriptions. This is a practical thought because our remem­ brance enters the home every month of the year. THE K ING 'S BUSINESS, however, is far more than just a token of our thought­ fulness. For more than a half-century, our total editorial purpose has been to strength­ en the spiritual battlements of the home. A publication which will do this fulfills a double purpose in spiritual giving.

liKe this in trodu ce Ch r ist ian Truth to y o u r Loved O n e s

PER SON AL IZED CHR ISTM AS CARDS As soon as we receive the order blank attached, our staff will prepare a beautiful Christmas card to send to each one whom you indicate. Signed with your name, it will stand out among the other cards received at Christmas announcing your thoughtfulness for the months to come. (See inside, page 50, for order blank and envelope.)

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