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DME XPress A-Series Mold Bases

Locating Ring

Clamp Slots

DME XPress ™ A-Series Mold Base PRECISION INTERCHANGEABLE PLATES, FULLY FEATURED, IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT The all new DME XPress mold base sets the standard for immediate shipment with 32,400 combinations ready for same or next day shipment . By starting your project with DME XPress you gain a competitive edge as it provides greater value through improved quality, tighter tolerances, and the fastest delivery. In fact, every steel plate within this mold bases is interchangeable. If you have a plate emergency, a new fully drilled replacement plate is available and ready to ship the same day. The DME XPress mold base is completely engineered, pre- machined and ready to purchase off the shelf. We’ve taken these steps to add value to your compressed due dates. The DME XPress mold base truly redefines value for standard mold bases.

Lift Holes

Vented Leader Pins

Guided Ejection Included

Offset Corner Clearly Marked

Pry Bar Slots

IT’S ALL IN THERE! Finished Precision Interchangeable Plates, Fully Featured, Immediate Shipment

DME XPRESS ™ MOLD BASE FEATURES • 7 Plate “A” Series Design • No. 3 Premium P20 for A and B Plates • Stress Relieved and Pre-hardened • Steel Finish Ground ± .001” • Interchangeable Plates • Center Hole option • Guided Ejection option • Return Pins – Inboard (prevents spring breakout)


• Locating Ring • Sprue Bushing

• Immediate or Next Day Shipments* • Interchangeable Plates • 23 Sizes – 8”x 8” to 19”x 24” • 9 - A/B Plate thicknesses - 7/8” to 5 7/8” • 162 A/B Plate Combinations, 4 or 5 rail height • Design is fully engineered and validated • Off the shelf • Replacement plates, ship same day • Extends time available to design • Price and features represents much greater value over the purchase of 7 individual RGM plates

• Vented Leader Pins • Type “C” Clamp Slots

• Lift Holes (top clamp plate and support plate) • Pry bar slots on parting line and ejector plate • Chamfering on all plate edges • Stop Disks • 3-Piece ejector housing with shoulder bolts






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Top Clamp Plate

#2 #3 #3 #3 #2 #1

Contact - DME For more information or delivery options contact at: 800-626-6653 (U.S.) • 800-387-6600 (Canada) • 248-398-6000 (Worldwide). CONTACT US

AC Plate A Plate B Plate

Support Plate


Ejector Retainer Plate #1

Ejector Plate


Bottom Clamp Plate #1

U.S. 800-626-6653 n Canada 800-387-6600 n n

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