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Large Custom Mold Bases and Plates

Precision Machined Mold Bases and Plates with Lengths to 90" • Plate lengths up to 90" (2300mm) • Plate widths up to 60" (1500mm) • Plate thicknesses up to 39" (1000mm) • Plate weights up to 6,600 pounds (3000kg) after machining – 8600 lbs. ( 3900kg) before machining • Proven medical/packaging market specialization; also specialize in automotive, caps & closures, housewares and PET preform applications

Contour Roughing Services - At Your Request

Key Advantages of Contour Roughing

■ Moldmakers can use this service to extend their in-house capacity, reduce lead time and focus on other high-value machining ■ Consistent machining allowance throughout the surface of the cavity block provides even finishing without areas of heavy stock ■ DME Contour Roughing Services from Milacron can provide customers with the CAM program to continue the work where we left off, saving time and programming expense ■ Contour roughing can be bundled with the option to stress-relieve cavity blocks and a custom mold base

At the request of moldmakers, DME contour roughing services are available to rough mill complex part shapes into mold plates, even for milling that requires large and deep cavities. ■ The Contour Roughing Service begins with complex core and cavity CAD files from customers ■ Industry-leading CAM software enables the programming of contour roughing tool paths, leaving consistent machining allowance throughout the surface of the cavity block ■ 3D cavity roughing tool paths to generate a rough milled surface, allowing machining stock for finishing by the customer For more details on the Contour Roughing Service, contact your DME representative today.

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