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A SUMMER OF CELEBRATION Don’t Miss Our Hot Dogs at Joe Walsh’s Annual BBQ!

This summer has been fantastically busy so far, but I can already tell things will only go up from here. On July 19, I was lucky enough to host an event that will remain one of my all-

time favorites: a client appreciation party that was also a celebration of the relaunch of my book, “Deal With Your IRS Problems Today: Learn the Secrets of Solving Your IRS Problems,”and a toast to the fifth anniversary of my radio show, “IRS Radio Hour.”There’s nothing I like more than gathering all of my clients and friends under one roof, and, when that roof belongs to Rosati’s Pizza, it’s always a recipe for a good time.

The genesis of the event came a long time ago, when I first sat down to write “Deal With Your IRS Problems Today.” Not long after I published the book, it went by the wayside because I wasn’t promoting it very well. However, when I went to reread it recently, I realized it is still very pertinent and hits all the marks even years later. I decided “Deal With Your IRS Problems Today”deserved a new life, so I set about printing fresh copies and planning a party for its relaunch. “There’s nothing I like more than gathering all of my clients and friends under one roof, and, when that roof belongs to Rosati’s Pizza, it’s always a recipe for a good time.” Meanwhile, “IRS Radio Hour”crossed the finish line of its fifth year, and my co-host Jimmy and I felt a celebration was in order. Because I’d been promoting my book on the radio, combining the two parties just made sense, and we knew right away we wanted to throw it at Rosati’s. Jimmy and I go there almost every Friday afternoon after the show to toast our success with pizza and beer, and the owners are friends of ours now. In fact, Jimmy just helped them close on a new home. I invited all my clients for free pizza and beer, a book signing, and meet-and-greets with the trusted professionals we spotlight on my other radio show, “Trust Radio Network.” It was a night of celebration I won’t soon forget — and, to everyone who came, thank you so much for joining us!

Hot Dog Stand for the party, when former congressman Walsh invites the listeners of his radio program, “The Joe Walsh Show”on AM 560, to his Mundelein home for a barbecue. We supply his patriots (aka his listeners) with 200 free hot dogs, and the line is always long. Apart from quick jaunts for the Fourth of July and my kids’high school and college graduations, this will be the first time I’ve manned the Hot Dog Stand this summer. Stop by the party to say hello, and score one of the best Chicago hot dogs you’ve ever had before they’re gone!

–Steven Leahy

With that event behind us, we’re looking forward to the next big gathering of the summer: Joe Walsh’s Annual BBQ on Aug. 10. Every year, we bring out our famous



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“Mr. Leahy is a very professional and down-to- earth guy. He was very detailed and had plenty of knowledge about our case. When we need legal services, we will definitely seek his services in the future.” –D & C – Chicago “Atty. Steven A. Leahy is direct, honest, and friendly. He will only tell you what he can do. Very professional! And he delivered the solution and tremendous relief from our burdens. He and his very efficient team gave us much satisfaction and happiness. I am proud to recommend The Law Office of Steven A. Leahy to all. Thank you very much for the help!” –Anonymous

For more than 32 years, Karen Conti has been a dynamic and influential attorney in the local and national legal community. Karen is a regular commentator for CNN, Fox Chicago, truTV, and other media venues. She is a columnist for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and the host of "The Karen Conti Show" heard every Sunday evening on WGN Radio 720 AM from 7–9 p.m. Attorney Conti is also one of our trusted professionals on The Trust Radio Network. The Karen Conti Show


Should You File for Bankruptcy? When the Hard Decision Is the Smart Decision

Filing for bankruptcy can feel like an admission of failure, so if you’ve been ignoring what you worry are telltale signs of financial difficulty, don’t be too hard on yourself — it’s part of being human. That said, if you have serious concerns about your personal finances, it’s better to face them head-on. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think bankruptcy may be on the horizon.

evading their attempts to reach you regarding unpaid debts, it’s time to take an honest look at why.


There’s a difference between discretion and secrecy. If you’ve been keeping the balance of your accounts from your spouse or money managers, you’re probably hiding something, not just looking out for your privacy. If you answered any of those questions in the affirmative, it’s time to give The Law Office of Steven A. Leahy a call. We handle two types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Also known as liquidation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the type you usually see in the newspaper and involves selling all of your assets above a level of exceptions to repay creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a bit different. Sometimes called wage-earner bankruptcy, it requires you to reorganize your financial affairs under a repayment plan but lets you keep your assets.


If you’re putting off paying your credit card bills until the last moment or paying only the minimum amount each month as your balance grows, then there’s a good chance your finances are dangerously tight. Now is the time to pull your head from the sand and take a hard look at those scary numbers.


Dodging calls from bill collectors by pretending to be out of town or letting their countless messages go to voicemail is never a good idea. If you’ve found yourself

Please reach out by calling (312) 664-6649 if you’d like to learn more about either process. Steven will be happy to discuss your options.

Don't forget to listen to the "IRS Radio Hour" every SUNDAY AT 5 P.M. ON AM 560 THE ANSWER


I want to thank our client T.H. for referring our office to his friend, a respected dentist. We are proud of your confidence in us!




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Should You File for Bankruptcy?



The Art of Stargazing

The Art of Stargazing

1. The Higher, the Better If you’re a city dweller, meander a little way out of town or try to find a tall building to keep the light pollution to a minimum.

Modern humans are stuck in a routine of expected and constant industriousness. But with all this rushing, people often drag themselves home at night with no energy left to enjoy the most splendid show nature has to offer: the wondrous night sky.

2. Extra Set of Eyes While novice stargazers often want to immediately throw their money at a new telescope, astronomy experts recommend starting with binoculars instead. You’ll need to identify several anchor planets or constellations to help you navigate the sky before using a telescope. 3. Utilize Assets Put your phone to good use by downloading apps like Stellarium, Starwalk, and Google Sky Map. Each of these apps offers a unique benefit for aspiring stargazers. For example, Starwalk lets you point your phone at the sky to see stars, constellations, and planets in real time based on your location. 4. Mark Your Calendar In 1972, beloved singer-songwriter John Denver wrote about a meteor shower he witnessed during a camping trip in Colorado. He describes the scene by singing, “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.”The “fire” he recounted was actually the Perseids meteor shower, the most recognized shower on Earth. This astrological wonder takes place every year from July 17 to Aug. 24. During this time, viewers should be able to see shooting stars associated with the Perseids, but the shower reaches its maximum rate of activity on Aug. 12–13 this year. Grab some friends and family, and head outdoors to put your newfound stargazing knowledge to work.

Most people go through life looking straight ahead, but if they would stop and peer skyward, they’d bear witness to a massive, unexplored frontier made up of the moon in all its phases, burning stars sailing through the sky, constellations with epic origin stories, and meteor showers bright

enough to warrant sunglasses. If you’re looking for a hobby to help you slow down and appreciate the world around you, stargazing is a great option. Here are some tips to get you started.


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