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Reliablewaterproofpropert y

LP series waterproof connectors adopts two wiring modes, screw- ing and soldering (3PIN adopts screwing and soldering at present. Variouswiringmodes

LP series protection level up to ip67 when mated, for the equip- ment to provide good electrical protection performance.

LP-24 be used in Control Box of Machinery Equipment

Use spring button fastening connection, convenient and fast, safe and rm. Stableandsecureconnection

Precise structural positioning system ensures the safety and stability of connection performance. Structural Sketch

Ergonomic structural process design, built from a harsh testing environment

In-line connector

Linko LP series products are adopting Flange Mounting, Panel Mounting installation mode, can be used in front or rear of the plate connection, but also used the board outside line installation mode. Installationmode

Waterproof ,High temperature resistance and cold resistance.

Anti-electronic interference, faster transmission, safer, more stable.



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