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Wide range application fast locking connector


BD-24 series power and signal waterproof connectors can be used alone or xed together to provide solutions for dierent industries equipment connection.Such as audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, industrial control, testing and measurement Equipment, AV system, broadcast television and communication industry and other elds.Suitable for connec- tion of equipment installed in front and behind the board.

Product application: Power supply: 3pin Signal: RJ45 Working voltage up to 500V, rated current 25A, optional shielding connector.

Multi-pin Power Cable Range: 10.5~ 12mm

RJ45 series Cable Range: 5.5~ 7.0mm

Multi-pin waterproof connector (metal housing) Now we have 3PIN (other pin number can be customized) Can be applied to power supply

Reliablewaterproof When connecting, the protection level is up to IP67, providing good electrical protection performance for the equipment.

Termination BD-24 is with screw type connection

Multipleprotectiondesigns Metal /plastic shell design, various choices, perfect for various application scenarios .

Ergonomicshapedesign The appearance adopts integrated streamlined design

Multi-pin waterproof connector (plastic shell) 3PIN is available for power supply

RJ45 waterproof connector (metal housing) Can be applied to signal connections

RJ45 waterproof connector (plastic housing) Can be applied to signal connections

RJ45 with board mounting

Power with board mounting


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