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Latch design international universal equipment power connector

YF-24 Power Connector

The block internal design and the integrated plastic case provide a safe and stable connection transmission performance, ensuring the stability of the electrical performance of the device during use.

Linko Electric's international standard YF-24 series power connector is designed with a unique plug-in locking method, which is easy to operate, safe and stable. Use color to distinguish the input and output of the power supply, thus eectively distin- guishing the input and output terminals, and with the power coupler, can be used in the external mobile connection at the same time, increasing the exibility of the device.

Product application type: Power: 3 Pin The power connection can work up to 500V, rated current is 20A, and optional input/output connectors are available.

Power cable range: 5.0~ 14.0mm

IP Protection Class (Mated ) : IP65 Rated current: 20A

IP Protection Class (Mated ) : IP44 Rated current: 20A

Multiple color distinctions Paired with dierent color schemes, exible pairing

Left and right sockets Dierentiate the sockets to distinguish applications



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