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YT-RJ45 (10-002) be used on device control box

Superior anti-shielding capability for metal shell, faster transmission, more stable and safer

Excellentwaterproof /dustproofperformance

CableJacket Part of the plug is designed with a tail cable jacket to prevent cable from being folded.

Protection level up to IP67 when connected, providing good electrical protection for the equipment

Built-in 8-pin RJ45 interface, threaded connection, compact and reliable

Passed thousands times of life testing



1/4quickbayonet lock The 1/4 quick bayonet is connected to the locking system for a more secure connection.

Multi-material and multi-style options to meet dierent application needs

Multiple connection methods

Ergonomic structural design, technology, art, performance in one step

Precision structure Metal shield appearance High-speed transmission crystal plug

Connection schema

Panel mounting



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