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YM-20Multi-Application Round Plastic Waterproof Connector


CNLINKO Electric YM-20 (M-20 type) series connector uses PBT performance injection molding material, to ensure the stability of the product ,which can be multi-core design & meet the power supply and signal requirements of multiple equipment. The central part of the distinctive shell logo highlights the latest design of CNLINKO.

Product application type: Power : 2/3/4/5pin Signal : 7/9/12pin The power connection working voltage can be up to 500V, current rating is 20A (2 、 3 、 4 pin), 12A (5 、 7 pin), 5A (9 、 12 pin), and shielded connection is also available.

Multiple PIN Power Cable Range: 9.0~ 12.0mm Signal Cable Range: 5.0~ 6.5mm

Reliablewaterproof When connecting, the protection level is up to IP67, providing good electrical protection performance for the equipment.

ReliableWaterproof Performance Protection level can be up to IP67 when mated, which can provide good electrical protection for the equipment

CNLINKO M20 waterproof connector is soldered with wires. WiringAssembly

It is convenient, fast, safe and secure with snap-on locking connection. Stableandsecureconnection

Available (2 、 3 、 4 、 5 、 7 、 9 、 12pin) It can be used in connection of power supply and mixed signal. Multicore waterproof connectors

MainAdvantage: The shell is made of imported PBT material and has good reproof, compressive, anti-explosive and anti-deformation properties. Gold-plated contacts, high-strength corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity,can eectively cope with changes in temperature rise that caused by current; 1/4 quick bayonet connection is easy to operate and easy to install; Current rating: 5A/12A/20A; The product is IP67 rated in the connected condition.


Installationmethod The socket is mounted on a ange panel making it convenient & stable.

Precising structural positioning system ensures safe and stable connection performance



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