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YW-16Series InformationOverview


Product application type: Power: 3pin Signal: 9 pin Power connection working voltage is up to 500V, current rating is 10A(3pin),5A(9pin).

Multiple PIN Cable Range: 3.0~ 9.0mm

YW-20Series Information

Product application type: Power: 2/3/4/5 pin Signal: 7/8/9/12pin Power connection working voltage is up to 500V, current rating is 20A(2 、 3 、 4pin), 12A(5 、 7pin). 5A(9 、 12pin).

Multiple PIN Cable Range: 5.0~ 13.0mm

Reliablewaterproofperformance The protection level is IP67 when mated , which provides good electrical protection for the equipment.

CNLINKO YW waterproof connector adopts soldering. WiringAssembly

Secured with a threaded locking device. Secureconnection

MainAdvantage: Quick and easy mount locking system; Outer ring thread locking device, stable and safe; Full zinc alloy casing with complete electromagnetic and RF interference protection, while meeting the matching needs of high-end products; he hanging dust cover design eectively prevents the entry of objects under non-working state with high safety performance and convenient operation;

The precise structure positioning system ensures the safety and stability of the connection performance. Schematic

The socket is anged and single-hole panel for easy and stable connection. It can be used for front or rear connection. Installationmethod



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