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YZ-20Metal Waterproof Connector


YZ-20 connector, using zinc alloy shell structure and pure gold plating contacts, meets the application requirements of high-grade products, uses rotary locking, safe and rm, which is widely used in dierent elds.

Product Application Type: Power : 2/3/4/5 pin Signal : 7/9/12 pin

The working voltage of power supply connection can reach 500V, rated current is 20A (2 、 3 、 4 pin), 12A (5 、 7 pin ), and shielding connectors can be selected.

Multicore Power Cable Range: 9.0~ 13.0mm Signal Cable Range: 5.0~ 6.5mm

YZ20 waterproof connector adopts soldering type . TerminalType

Bayonet design makes safe and stable . FastandEasyLocking

Available (2 、 3 、 4 、 5 、 7 、 9 、 12pin) It can be used in connection of power supply and mixed signal. Multicore waterproof connectors


1/4 buckle connection mode, stable and safe; Fast and simple nut-type design locking system, skid-proof human design of outer ring; The suspended dust cover design eectively prevents foreign bodies from entering the non-working state, has high safety performance and easy operation. Zinc alloy shell, with complete electromagnetic and radio frequency interference protection, while meeting the matching needs of high-end products;

Structural sketch

Flange panel is used for installation, which is convenient and stable. Installation

The precise structure ensures the safety and stability of the connection performance.



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