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YU-USBWaterproof Data Connector Linko professional multi-functional YU-USB data waterproof connector and panel mount be used for data transmission, because of plug and play, fast transmission rate, strong scalability characteristics, are widely used in computers, digital cameras, scanners and other data transmission equipment, this series of products are diverse, can achieve male-female conversion docking, independent base, male-head belt line, etc.


Application Types: Data: USB Data Type : USB2.0 、 USB3.0 Data connection withstands voltage 100V/Min, contact resistance 30m/Max, optional data transmission level.

Data USB Cable Range : 5.5~ 6.5mm

Plug + Socket Data Connector Wire 。 It is often used in data transmission connection inside the machine, and the socket can be used outside the board.



Product diversity, with the transmission level products can be exibly collocated with use.

The protection level under connection state reaches IP67, which provides good electrical protection performance for equipment.

Overmolding on both side

Safe and stable connection to provide more stable transmission for equipment.

Single USB Plug + One side overmolding It can be used for stable connection and quick locking data transmission scenarios.


Clasplocking he sockets and rubber-covered plugs are securely and securely fastened by a rm jacket clamp.

Plug and socket end adopt cable sheath design to eectively protect cable outlet


Above is a selection of USB connectors that can be customized.

MainAdvantage : Independent socket design, no tool assistance, easy installation, easy operation; The utility model can realize double-head transfer between male and female, and the clamp is locked and secure; Unique docking design, stable extension of innite length of wire; Strong connection system provides solutions for data connection and transmission in dierent environments. The product meets IP67 protection level in mated condition.

Panel Installation

In line connection



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