HSO Culture Book

A Note from the Managing Directors

At HSO one of our differentiators is our people. When you join us, you will be part of a team of smart, engaging, customer- centric professionals who understand that our success depends on the success of the customers we serve. You will be given the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges, and to balance personal life with professional growth in an environment that rewards creativity and problem solving. You will also be encouraged to develop a sound knowledge of the markets we serve, because this is a fundamental part of what gives HSO its competitive advantage and what delivers value to our customers. When you join HSO, you will have a genuine sense of empowerment because your contribution will really make a difference. We believe that talented people, all focused on a shared and powerful vision, can achieve outstanding results. In addition to a competitive salary and a growing list of benefits, your role will offer the opportunity for career development and personal growth. Finally, we hope that your career with us will be a long one and that it will be enjoyable and rewarding.

Adrian McNay Managing Director

David Little Managing Director

Adrian McNay & David Little


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