HSO Culture Book

QUALITY DRIVEN We want to do a great job, achieve measurable results and we take action to prevent mistakes. We aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction. AMBITIOUS We want to be known as the best at what we do. We are not satisfied by being just good enough; we want to judge ourselves by the very highest standards. CO-OPERATIVE We provide an environment in which we respect each other. We are actively engaged in helping each other and work together towards a common goal. RESULT ORIENTED We achieve results through measurable actions. If we cannot fulfil a customer’s need we report this in a timely manner and offer an acceptable alternative. CUSTOMER FOCUSED We understand the needs of our customers and actively provide solutions to fulfil these. We are customer focused without losing sight of the needs of our people and business. ENTREPRENEURIAL We encourage employees to use their initiative, explore alternatives and try different options to solve problems.



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