HSO Culture Book

HSO’s quarterly company meeting fell in my first two weeks with the company. It was a great place to meet new colleagues, however what really hit home were the two afternoon sessions, firstly about the internal wellness scheme which was followed by the Charity update.

The subconscious message this delivered was “We Care!”.

In this day and age, many corporations say they do but their actions say something else.

Kristina Kalpokaite Associate Consultant

HSO made me feel welcome and part of the company even before I had started, that’s when I knew I had made the right choice. The management style is different here. You are asked to share your thoughts, opinions and knowledge rather than just being told what to do. You are praised for your achievements which is always nice, especially when you have worked hard. Having worked for a few large, high profile companies (including another Microsoft partner) I would highly recommend HSO as a great company to work for!

I was fortunate to be part of the Masterclass 2019 - an incredible opportunity to accelerate my career in technology! Not only did I enjoy the various training sessions but I also met some incredibly talented individuals including my fellow graduates, consultants and industry experts.


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