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APRIL 2020

scenery are broken up by moments of sheer excitement as rapids approach. I couldn’t think of a better way to take in an area like the Grand Canyon, getting my fill of intensity, relaxation, and sightseeing without ever having to leave my seat! I only wish I’d gotten into this particular hobby sooner. Having seen plenty of pictures and videos of white-water rafting, I always wanted to give it a shot. Sadly, we don’t exactly have many fast-flowing waterways here in the Lone Star State, so I didn’t get an opportunity until later in life when I took a trip down the middle fork of the Salmon River. Even getting to the launching area was an adventure, riding in a four-seater Cessna over the Sawtooths of central Idaho. It’s nerve- wracking enough to get into an aircraft where they weigh you along with your luggage, but landing on an airstrip that’s little more than a forest clearing certainly got my adrenaline flowing. And the excitement certainly didn’t stop there. Being among the wild, rugged mountain valleys of the Idaho wilderness paired with some extremely tough rapids was a remarkable experience. I’d recommend it to any thrill-seekers out there.


We may not get a day off or a lavish meal with our loved ones, but I still think Earth Day more than deserves its spot on the calendar. While April 22 isn’t home to the big celebrations of Dec. 25 or even Feb. 14, its message is vitally important. Our world is filled with so many wonders to enjoy — a fact we’re easily distracted from by our busy lives. It’s good to have a yearly reminder to look around and appreciate what we have. I, for one, have never been content to just look at nature from a distance. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are those that put me right in the middle of some of the more extreme areas of our planet. From the peaks of Lake Tahoe to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I’ve gotten to ski and raft through some amazing places. But it’s not just the thrill of danger that drives me on these adventures. In a very real way, I think these excursions help me appreciate what nature’s all about. It all goes back to when I was learning to ski as a teenager. I first started going down slopes at age 14, and frankly, I wish I’d started even sooner. To me, there’s nothing quite like the strange mix of peace and adrenaline that comes with this particular sport. I remember my first time up above the tree line with the world stretched out before me in perfect silence. The stillness of a mountain covered in snow paired with the rush of flying down its face makes for an odd balance of thrill and bliss.

Of course, we all have our own ways of getting out and experiencing nature. I’ve always been a thrill- seeker, but others may be more than content to stroll through a national park or take some time fishing on the gulf. No matter how you like

to enjoy nature, why not take Earth Day as a chance to plan an excursion for yourself? It’s a wild, beautiful world out there, and we have so many ways to appreciate it.

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq.

The only experience that comes close to skiing in my mind is rafting. The quiet sections of a river where you can take in the | Pg. 1

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