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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been causing numerous health care facilities to shut down, we as medical professionals are diligently trying to serve our patients in the best ways possible without risking the spread of this disease. (continued inside)



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• Keeping Your Health In Mind • DIY Hand Sanitizer

• Immune & Respiratory Support Package • Need A Reason For Spring Cleaning? Here’s Three!

• Critical post-neurological episode out-patient rehabilitation • Imperative gate keeper screening for patients, who may otherwise be unnecessarily entering emergent healthcare facilities At Pinnacle Physical Therapy, we know we have an obligation to our community, now more than ever. Physical therapy can not only help the body heal as quickly as possible, but it can also help combat illness. The individualized stretches and exercise we prescribe for your treatment plan are great ways to boost your immune system. When your body is in shape, it quite literally has more strength to fight off unwanted viruses. Aiming for at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day can help strengthen not only you, but your immune system as well. Additionally, our physical therapists can help with nutritional services, which can prove to be a difficult task for many when distancing at home. Having a diet that is heavy on fruits and vegetables is perhaps one of the best ways to boost your immune system. The essential vitamins found in many fruits and vegetables are key to making sure your immune system is as healthy as possible. Essentially, at Pinnacle Physical Therapy, we are still here to help you with whatever you may need – give us a call today.

The sedentary lifestyle that I’m sure many people have experienced since being quarantined to their homes can actually lead to more aches, pains, and discomfort than one may think. Fortunately, we have you covered. As some may know, the Department of Homeland Security has deemed physical therapists as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, Pinnacle Physical Therapy will remain open and seeing patients during this time, while taking the necessary precautions to make sure everything is sanitary, and everyone is safe. As Homeland Security states, “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.” For more information on our safety practices for treating patients during this pandemic, and/or how your appointments might function differently, don’t hesitate to contact us. Physical therapy is still necessary Among other essential services, some of the most beneficial services we offer at Pinnacle Physical Therapy include: • Essential post-surgical care (for non-elective and elective surgery)

Keeping Your Health In Mind

Plant based medicine to support your body against seasonal and respiratory threats. Includes: dōTERRA On Guard 15ml, dōTERRA Breathe 15ml, Tea Tree Roll On, Copaiba Softgels and dōTERRA sanitizing spray. For questions on products and how to use them call the clinic. $142 plus tax and shipping. Use this link to purchase:

How can I know I’m safe in your clinic? We understand that there is a lot of fear and uncertainty during this time. However, we can assure you that we care taking the necessary steps to make sure our patients are as safe as possible while they are being treated at our clinic. For starters, we will only be allowing 10 patients in our clinic at a time, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. This will limit the amount of people congregating in the same area at once and greatly decrease the risk of anyone passing any contagions to fellow patients. Additionally, we will be following strict sanitary protocols by making sure every surface in our clinic is thoroughly cleaned and wiped down at all times. This will decrease the risk of any potential germs lingering on surfaces. Although we know the hesitation is still there when entering a public place, we would like to bring you some peace of mind in knowing that we are taking health protocols very seriously and will be doing our very best to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and caution at all times. If you would like to know more about our health practices for staying open during the quarantine, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Consult with a physical therapist today For anything you may need or any questions you may have, our physical therapists are here for you. Schedule a consultation with Pinnacle Physical Therapy today to discuss your questions, concerns, and needs at this time.


INGREDIENTS • 4 tsp of rubbing alcohol (at least 60%) • 1 tsp of Fractionated Coconut Oil

• 30 drops of doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil • doTERRA Spray Bottles

INSTRUCTIONS This recipe is for a 30 milliliter doTERRA spray bottle. Unfortunately I was out of my doTERRA bottles so I had to improvise and ended up doubling my recipe to accommodate larger spray bottles.


UPPER TRAPEZIUS STRETCH Make sure the hand of the side being stretched is tucked behind your body. Slowly bring your ear to the opposite shoulder and your chin towards your chest. Now look slightly over the shoulder being stretched. Repeat as needed. Relieves Neck Pain EXERCISES OF THE MONTH

Need A Reason For Spring Cleaning? Here’s Three!

WRIST FLEXOR STRETCH (SUPINATION) Hold your arm out straight, with your wrist extended. Use the other hand to pull wrist further, feeling for a stretch. Hold for 5-10 seconds, keeping your elbow straight. Relieves Wrist Pain

1. Allergy Symptom Reduction. A thorough cleaning can greatly reduce the amount of dust in your home, which is helpful considering about 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 2. Cleanliness Produces Happiness. Maybe you don’t enjoy the process of cleaning, but the end result will leave you smiling. A 2010 study at the University of California, Los Angeles even found that having a clean home can improve your mood and reduce your risk of depression. 3. Declutter and Do a Good Deed by Donating. An essential part of a successful spring cleaning is getting rid of old items that are no longer used or worn. Apply the rule of thumb that if you haven’t made use of something in a year, it’s time for it to go. Fill bags and boxes of things, then donate them to a local charity so they can still be beneficial to someone else. Giving to others is an act that is associated with greater self-esteem, lower stress levels, and overall happiness. Source Saxbe, DE and Repetti, R. “No place like home: home tours correlate with daily patterns of mood and cortisol.” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. January 2010. Accessed 4 April 2017.

QUAD STRETCH PRONE Lie on stomach. Hold ankle with hand. Gently pull ankle toward the buttock. You should feel a stretch in the front of your thigh. Helps with lower back pain Relieves Back Pain

Have you injured yourself doing projects at home? Are you in any pain? No need for a referral or prescription - come straight to Pinnacle for relief!

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