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PEER INTERVIEWING To improve our selection of the best talent for every open position, TouchPoint has included peer interviews in the hiring process for all positions.

Peer interviewing builds cohesive teams by allowing our own associates to determine if a candidate is the “best fit.” When we empower our staff in this way, we have a better chance at identifying the best talent to enhance the organization and function as a true team player. After all, nobody knows the job or culture better than existing associates. VALUE FOR THE ORGANIZATION Peer interviewing improves retention and reduces avoidable turnover, enabling us to invest dollars into other important initiatives. Because a well-orchestrated interviewing experience leaves candidates with a positive impression, they are more likely to select us as their employer of choice. VALUE FOR ASSOCIATES When coworkers have a voice in the selection process, they are more inclined to take responsibility for a hiring decision. Since they have a vested interest in their co-worker’s success—after all, it is their own decision at stake—the team will work to ensure that the new person receives the necessary training and support. More importantly, by valuing the group’s perceptions and knowledge, the process builds community, strengthens employee commitment and facilitates optimal performance. VALUE FOR CANDIDATES Candidates can assess the job realistically by meeting the people who actually perform it daily. They can ask questions and express concerns that they may hesitate to voice in a more formal one-to-one interview. By becoming familiar with the specifics of the job and culture, they can make more informed decisions about moving ahead or opting out of consideration.

OUR PEER INTERVIEW PROCESS 1. Director selects TouchPoint peer interview team. The peer interviewers must be in good standing and employed for at least a year. The interviewers need to be people who will take the role seriously and represent TouchPoint well. 2. The peer interview team is trained on our interviewing procedures and the Hospitality Assessment. 3. Peer interviewers and the hiring manager conduct an interview together. 4. Peer interviewers and the hiring manager evaluate the candidate.

As of spring 2018, all TouchPoint units are expected to conduct peer interviews for every vacant position.


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